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12-10-2003, 01:17 PM
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Snowfall moved quickly out of the area early yesterday morning and much of it on the east side of the mountains were melting quickly. Colder temperatures in the San Luis Valley was keeping snow around a bit longer. Areas from San Luis Valley to Walsenburg, Rye, Canon City and other surrounding areas received 3-6 inches of snow. Pueblo could only manage a little rain while La Junta and Lamar missed out completely.

The severity of flu has been less in Las Animas and Huerfano counties so far compared to many counties to the North. Yet, the La Veta School District shut down its doors early for Thanksgiving because of the number of cases reported. According to Carol Amato of the two county health departments, the worse could be yet to come for residents of the two counties. She has received additional funding to get more doses of flu vaccine for Huerfano and Las Animas counties. She predicts an additional 250 children and 100 adults in the two counties will be hit with the flu before the epidemic runs its course. She believes she will find ample flu vaccine to meet the needs.

A trial began in Alamosa yesterday for 21 year old Johnny Lucero, charged in the death of his girlfriend, Julie Duran last December. District Attorney Peter Comar told the jury that the two argued over his flirting with other women at a party and when he went to leave she ran aside his pickup wanting him to stop when she was apparently hit and thrown a distance. A prosecution witness said he saw the incident when he was headed for a store to get medicine for a sick child. Cory Gurule gave his account but defense attorneys told the jury that his account has been inconsistent when told to numerous parties and suggested that Gurule may have struck Duran because his client’s vehicle showed no damage to it. Gurule denied the assertion. The trial continues today.

Two Arizona men were charged with seven counts involving their possession of over 5 pounds of Methamphetamine. They were stopped near Trinidad on Nov. 29th. It was one of the largest seizures of the drug in the area in the past 5 years. Michael Perez 31 of Mesa and Thomas Ralston 46 of Tempe were refused bond reductions and remain in the Las Animas County Jail.

A 21-year-old inmate in the Huerfano Corrections Facility in Walsenburg was arrested and charged with a Pueblo County warrant for second-degree burglary. Richard Cody Rader was arrested and being held in the county jail.

The Huerfano County Chamber of Commerce held its annual business meeting and Christmas party last week. Rory Cook was named the new president for the coming year. He is President of Community Banks of Southern Colorado in Walsenburg. Arlene Matta, Deputy Warden at the CCA Prisons will be the VP, Chandra Slack of the CCA Prisons will be the Secretary and Wynelle Turner will be Treasurer.