View Full Version : old civil war cemetery

03-23-2004, 01:09 PM
The last time i saw this cemetery was back in 1952. There were tombstones with the names of soldiers dating to the 1870s. One Capt O.M.Smith, Oct 10, 1875 & Coprpl. Ambrose L. Briggs Co.L 1st. US Dragons. (date missing)This cemetery was high up in front of Fishers Peak. Grown over with pinon pine trees and weeds, only two of the head stones were legible, the rest of the plots could only be reconized by the shallow impressions in the ground.PLEASE if any one knows any thing about this forgotten old place and what became of it. WAS it bull dozed under to build houses?? There is housing projectup in that general area at this time. PLEASE reply if you know any thing about this cemetery.. Thank you. John H.\Lock