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Thread: '89 Toy P/U 2WD

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    '89 Toy P/U 2WD

    The most dependable vehicle I've ever owned! I am the 3rd owner and have been maintaining this truck since 1995 - it became mine in 1999.
    This truck has a cap and a roof rack. It has 210k miles and has been very well mechanically maintained. It has a brand new clutch last month, and a new windshield last year, as well as a full tune-up and new belts, hoses and alternator in '04. Brakes are great. Tires: 4 good studded snows as well as a set of mounted summer tires. It has a 22r motor that delivers about 24 mpg highway in the summer(carrying a load). There are no leaks or oil usage. I've used Mobil 1 synthetic oil exclusively (despite the price) and Slick 50 every 4th or 5th oil change since I started maintaining it. Not much in the way of negatives: there are several body bumps though no rust, and it is a small 2WD. That's the reason I'm selling it - I need a 4WD to get up our driveway. I want $1000 or cash and trade. Email:[email protected] Phone:719.868.2006
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