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    Hi! My name is Lisa LoPorcaro. It has been many years since I have been to Trinidad, although I used to visit quite frequently as a child. This is due to the fact that my mother was raised there. I believe she was at least third generation. Her name is Beverly (maiden name Romero) She is the daughter of Nash and Dolores Romero. I am unsure of my grandfather's parents' names as he died when I was very young. My grandmother Dolores's parents however were named Tom and (I think)Syria Jiron. Anyone know any of these people?
    Lisa Loporcaro

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    Hi Lisa! I am your mom's cousin Jorrie (Muniz) Jiron. I have been researching the Jiron Family for sometime and have much more on grandma Siria than grandpa Tom. I just found your posting at and I am so thrilled to find you- E-mail me your phone number and I will call you. I would love to see and talk to your mom also!!!!

    Waiting to hear from you!

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    Hi Jorrie!!

    Lisa called me at work yesterday to tell me she'd heard from you! I was so excited! I've been asking my mom to ask your dad if you're online and what your email address is.

    Please send me your email and I'll send my phone number.

    My email at home is : [email protected]
    This one I'm using right now is at work.

    How have you been? I have a little bit (very little) information on grandpa Tom (at home and will be glad to share it). You probably have more than I do :)

    I'm still living in California, (Long Beach). Lisa got married a couple of years ago in the Bahamas. It was a beautiful wedding, I'll send you some pix from my pc at home. I don't go on the pc much when I get home. When I first got it I was 'addicted' to it, even going home at lunchtime to check my email :) I've gotten over that though.

    So, send me an email at home and lets keep in touch!!!

    Bev :D
    Bev Constantine

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