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Thread: Los Pios

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    Los Pios

    Have done research on baptism records from Las Animas County and have noted many references to "Los Pios." Does anyone know if that was a plaza, neighborhood, or barrio in the Trinidad area? Thanks for reading this posting.
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    I found this posting, may not help much, but try it out. It was at:

    Would appreciate any information regarding the origin of the Melenudo surname. It is a rare surname, and I would be interested in sharing genealogy information with other Melenudo decendants. I am also looking for family connected to Andres Melenudo or Demias Melenudo who lived in the Trinidad, Colorado and Raton, New Mexico areas in the 1860's. I have found church records suggesting Andres may have been from "Los Pinos" or "Los Pios." There is a Los Pinos in New Mexico in the Rio Arriba area.

    There is a Los Pinos River here in Southern Colorado
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    I descend from Rafaela's mother 1st marriage.

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