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Thread: Trinidad cycling

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    Trinidad cycling

    I will likely be in Trinidad from mid-May thru mid-Aug this summer working on a project. I was just wondering what the roads, trails and other resources (bike shop?) exist in Trinidad. I ride both road and mountain and consider myself an expert at both, so I am looking for fairly challenging terrain.

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    Hi Aaron

    You will probably find more mountain biking than road riding here in Trinidad. There are only 5 paved roads leading out of town: Interstate 25 North, Interstate 25 South, Colorado Highway 12 West, Colorado 160/350 East and North, and a small road leading to Hoehne and then re-connecting to Hwy 350. None of these roads have great shoulders and tend to have fast traffic on them. If you like the plains you could take Hwy 160 towards Branson, Kim and Springfield or Hwy 350 to Rocky Ford, La Junta and Lamar. If you have access to a car, a good ride would be towards Cuchara Pass (10,000 feet) on 12 starting in Segundo, Primero, Weston or Stonewall. Alternatively, you could start in Raton and take a nice jaunt west on NM 555 or go east on 72 to Lake Maloya, Folsom and Branson.

    You will find tons of dirt roads both in and near Trinidad to explore. You may wish to try the trails in the state/national park just on the other side of Cuchara Pass or ride from Cuchara Pass down to Aguilar (great road - runs between the Spanish Peaks).

    Good Luck!

    P.S. I don't know of any cycle shops in town. It is rare to see a cyclist in Trinidad - usually that's just someone passing through.
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    There is a bike shop on the out skirts of town called Ulitmate Sports owned my the Chris Paradisa family. Chris is into bike riding. threelazyl
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