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Thread: Gomez, Cruz, Fernandez, Barros or Varros??

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    Gomez, Cruz, Fernandez, Barros or Varros??

    The majority of my family is from Las Animas County. My great grand mother on dads, fathers side Ermelinda (Medina) Gomez, Pasted away in August here in california. she was born in Hoehne, CO on March 15,1923. she married my great grandfather George Gomez I, whom was born on may 25, 1907 in Sarkville, Co. they married on May 13,1937 in Trinidad, CO. i also know the names of thier parents but thats where i get stuck i can not find any futher information on this part of my family. Ermelinda's mothers name was Isabella (Fernandez) Medina and as far as i know she was born on oct 10/05/1899 in trinidad and died on 2/25/1978 in trinidad she was married to Jesus Medina whom was born on 05/10/1888 in Penasio, New Mexico. He died on 6/5/1954 in trinidad, Co. now as far as my great grandfather's mother and father0 go what i know is their names. his Mothers name was Luisita Zamora or Samora (not sure on the spelling) and she was born somewhere around 1888. his father was Manuel Gomez and he was born somewhere around 1873. im not sure where they were born at though.
    now as i said my dad's fathers side of the family comes from Las animas County, CO.
    now my mother her self was born in Trinidad, CO. and so were her parents. My Moms Grandmother from her mothers side name was Teresa (Ortiz)Barros (or Varros) she was born June 1, 1920 (i think) and she Married Morris Barros (or Varros) now was born sometime in may of 1916. Morris's parents were Lucy Medina (dont know where she was born or when) and his father was Vinceslao Barros (or Varros) the last name was changed at some point from Barros to Varros. due to the prejudicism. her mother Teresa's Fathers was Epafino Ortiz and her mother was Besenta Jorone. dont know when they were born or exactly where.
    now this brings me to my mothers fathers side. her father's name is Silviano Cruz born may 16,1930 in Alfalfa, CO. his parents were Samule Cruz born about 1888 and his mother was Tomisita (Torres)Cruz. i do know that my Great Grandfather Samule was in Prison some time in the 1920 or 30's i believe, it may have been earlier or even later im not sure.

    i know this is a lot to ask for but does anyone have any information on. any of these people or have any idea how i can find any records of my family. im trying to trace my family history. and im making a book. HELP PLEASE.
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    Please read BArros OR Varros I think it may be connected to your family thank you
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