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Thread: History of Las Animas County

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    History of Las Animas County

    History of Las Animas County

    NOTE: Links that are currently NOT working
    are those that were broken before the Website upgrade.
    Those links are most often associated with
    - RR-Guy - 3/14/2010

    This is the start of the Las Animas County History folder. An in depth history of Las Animas County in this folder would be a difficult task at best. This history will only augment that which can be found in the Trinidad Museums, the Trinidad Carnegie Library, the Denver Public Library, the Colorado Historical Museum Library, the Colorado Railroad Museum, the Colorado School of Mines' library in Golden, or the Bessemer Historical Society Museum in Pueblo.

    Known copyright material will not be provided to the contents of this folder, but we will attempt to point the forum member to where photos, or documentation about a subject can be located.

    +++++++++++ Latest Additions & Updates +++++++++++

    1/22/15 -
    Modified a section pertaining to the type of wooden tipple at Morley in the "
    Morley, Town Site & Mine History" topic.

    3/12/14 -
    Added links to Trinidad Business Directory PDF Files.

    1/22/15 -
    Modified a section pertaining to the type of wooden tipple at Morley in the "
    Morley, Town Site & Mine History" topic.

    1/22/15 -
    Continuing to update br
    oken links to Denver Public Library's online images and other miscellaneous informational links.


    U.S. Atlas links for Colorado, New Mexico, and selected county maps.

    1895 U.S. Atlas - Colorado

    1895 Map of Las Animas County, Colorado

    Town Sites/Plazas Listed as established in Las Animas County since 1863
    (You will need to perform a browser "Edit", "Find" for "Animas" on each page A-Z.)

    Current Colorado Topographical Map Index (Las Animas County, Colorado)

    1895 U.S. Atlas - New Mexico

    1895 Map of Colfax County, New Mexico, showing Catskill, Dunn, & Vasquez

    On-line Archive Sites

    1911 Colorado Business Directory, Trinidad, Las Animas County
    (The following link is now fixed. - RR-Guy - 3/12/14)

    Business Directories, Trinidad, Las Animas County
    (Listing of 22 PDF Files. Years from 1871 to 1952)

    Colorado's Historic Newspaper Collection 1859 to 1923

    Las Animas County Photos (Note: Internet Explorer, or Firefox.)
    (The following link is broken. - RR-Guy - 6/08/09)

    Denver Library - Western History Online Photo Archive

    Bessemer Historical Society Museum. Pueblo, CO
    (Archive photos of Berwind, Morley, Primero, & other mining camps of Las Animas County.)

    Public History Field School Operations. Cokedale, Colorado -
    Department of History, Abilene Christian University (ABU)
    (Archaeological work at the ruins of Old Primero, and other mine sites in Las Animas County.
    A lot of the links are still "Under Construction".)

    (The following link is broken. - RR-Guy - 10/5/12)

    Search General Disasters in Colorado
    (Sample: Primero)

    Churches - Las Animas

    Long's Canyon Church - Owner and Submitter: Manuel R. Flores
    (The following link is broken. - RR-Guy - 6/08/09)

    Medina Plaza, Guadaloupe Mission Church

    Morley, Church Photos

    Segundo, Penitente Morada

    Tijeras Plaza, Santa Nina de Atoche (Church)

    Trinidad, Zion's German Lutheran Church

    Vigil Plaza, Church, Weston vicinity

    Las Animas Cemeteries

    Colorado Cemetery Gravestones website

    Las Animas Cemetery Listings from "The Tombstone Transcription Project" website

    Masonic Cemetery - Trinidad

    Trujillo Creek Cemetery,194553.cfm

    Town Sites, Plazas & Mines

    Directory of Colorado Links at

    List of Las Animas County, Colorado Mines

    Alphabetical lists of pre-1963 Mine Accidents
    (You will need to perform a browser "Edit", "Find" for either a mine name,
    or name of miner on each page A-Z.)

    Abeyta, CO

    Alfalfa, CO

    Barela, CO

    Bear Cañon, Vallorso, Tollerburg, Berwind, & Tabasco Mines (includes Greenville)

    Bon Carbo, CO - Bon Carbo Mine

    Bowen, CO - Bowen Mine

    Branson, CO

    Catskill, NM - Long's Canyon - Long's Junction

    Cokedale, CO & Mines

    Cokedale, CO - Mine Structure Photos - Brief History

    Cornell, CO - Cornell Mine

    Cuatro, CO - Cuatro Mine

    Delagua & Hastings Mines

    Dick(s), CO - Dick(s) Mine (a.k.a. Dix)

    El Moro, CO

    El Moro Schoolhouse. Built by WPA, 1930

    El Moro, Elson Bridge over Purgatoire River, moved to Pueblo, 1994

    Forbes, CO - Forbes, Majestic, & Thor Mines

    Engleville, CO - Engleville Jct.

    Gallinas, CO

    Garcia, CO - Garcia Plaza, CO

    Gray Creek, CO

    Indianapolis, CO

    Jansen, CO

    Morley, Town Site & Mine History

    Morley, Photos

    Morley, Town Site Artifact

    Morley, Church Photos

    Morley, Coaling Operations (1940-56) Inquiries

    Nola, CO

    Primero, CO

    Quinto & Sexto Mines

    Rezago, CO, (a.k.a. Resago)

    San Isidro, CO

    Segundo, CO,

    Segundo - Long's Canyon, The Penitente Brotherhood/Moradas

    Sopris, CO - Information

    Sopris, CO - Recipient of "Annual Award"

    Sopris Website - Bridge History ("Blasi" bridge)

    St. Thomas, School

    Stamford, CO

    Starkville, CO

    Tercio, CO - Vega Mine

    Tollerburg, CO - Toller Mine

    Torres, CO

    Trinchera, CO - Trinchera Plaza, CO

    Valdez, CO - Frederick Mine

    Velasquez Plaza - Topographical Map

    Viola, CO

    Watervale, CO

    Wootton, CO

    Historical Sites

    "Picketwire" Canyon, Indian Pictographs

    Bowden Canyon, "Trinidad's Martin Bowden - Michelangelo of the Purgatory"

    Calvary Graves

    Monument Lake

    Monument Lake, Kendall Community House (Discussed on 3 topic pages. Photos on pages 1 & 2.)!!/page1!!/page2!!/page3

    Scenic Highway - Raton Pass - Early 1900s


    Ludlow Massacre (Forbes, CO) - Library of Congress - 200+ Photos and Descriptions

    Ludlow Ghost Town Photos - Brief History - Website dated 2007

    Trinidad, 1904, 1905, 1920's & 1930's Floods

    Trinidad, April 1942 Flood

    Trinidad, S. Linden blocked off

    Trinidad, Franch Block Building Fire, February 7, 2009

    Blizzard of 2006 - (Forum member's photos in the top link.)

    Trinidad Power Plant Fire of 1909

    Local Buildings

    Barela, Colorado - Refinery ca. 1936

    Trinidad, Colorado - Aerial Photo ca. 1908 - Owner and Submitter: Manuel R. Flores
    (The following link is broken. - RR-Guy - 6/08/09)

    Trinidad, Colorado - Aunt Kate's House

    Trinidad, Baca House

    Trinidad, Columbian Hotel
    (Call numbers CHS.A824, CHS.A801, X-1913, & X-1914)

    Trinidad, N. Commercial Street

    Trinidad, Crown Service Station, W. Main

    Trinidad, VIDEO - Current Building Photos, by Charlie

    Trinidad, Eagles Lodge

    Trinidad, Fire Station & City Fire Department circa 1899

    Trinidad, Old Buildings - Park Cafe

    Trinidad, Old Buildings - Corner Stores to J.C. Penny Co.

    Trinidad, Phil Schneider Brewery

    Trinidad, Savoy Hotel

    Trinidad, Shell Service Stations 1937

    Trinidad, Standard Bottling Co., Crystal Bottling Plant, Coca-Cola

    Trinidad, Strand Theater

    Trinidad, St. Joseph Academy and Public School

    Trinidad, Triangle Chevrolet - N. Commercial St.

    Trinidad, Trinidad Brick & Tile Co.

    Trinidad, Trinidad Foundry (Dill Bros.)

    Trinidad, Toltec Hotel
    (Call numbers X-1894, & X-1895)

    Trinidad, High School, Santa Fe Passenger Depot, Historic Building Links

    Trinidad, First National Bank, JC Penny Co., Montgomery Ward & Co., Golden Crown Macaroni Co., & Mullare Funeral Home ca. 1937

    Railroad Related History

    Trinidad Trolley History - Trinidad Electric Transmission Railway & Gas Company

    Santa Fe Passenger Depot - Trinidad 1878-1900

    Santa Fe Passenger Depot - Trinidad 1900-1904 (Rusicated stone)

    Destroyed in 1904 flood
    (CHS.A840, X-1858, CHS.A819, & CHS.X5022)

    Santa Fe Passenger Depot - Trinidad 1905-1960 (Moorish style)
    (The following links are broken. - RR-Guy - 2/05/11)

    Santa Fe's Harvey House - Cardenas Hotel - Santa Fe Passenger Depot (Moorish style)

    Santa Fe's Harvey House - Cardenas Hotel - Trinidad 1903-1933 (street side)
    (The following link is broken. - RR-Guy - 2/05/11)

    Santa Fe Depot - Hoehnes, CO

    Santa Fe Depot - Ludlow, CO (ca. 1936)

    Santa Fe Depot - Model, CO (previously Poso, CO & Roby, CO)

    Santa Fe Depot - Morley, CO (ca. 1931)
    (The following link is broken. - RR-Guy - 2/05/11)

    Santa Fe Depot - Starkville, CO between (1896 and 1910? - CHS.X4314)

    Santa Fe Depot - Thatcher, CO

    Thatcher's Santa Fe Depot when it was a 2-story building.
    Photo by Dana B. Chase - ca 1882-1890

    Santa Fe Depot - Wootton, CO (July 21, 1929 - OP-198)

    Santa Fe Water Treatment Facility - Trinidad

    Colorado & Southern Passenger/Freight Depot - Trinidad (between 1898 and 1904? - CHS.A846)

    Colorado & Southern Passenger/Freight Depot - Trinchera 1977 Norm Medcalf Photo -

    Colorado & Southern Passenger/Freight Depot - Trinidad 1927 -

    Denver & Rio Grande Western Passenger/Freight Depot - Trinidad 1901 -

    This post is not complete. It will continue to grow.

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    Purgatoire River Valley

    For the first post I would like to have those interested try a little pronunciation. :)

    This is to provide some insight, for some anyway, to a interesting curiosity of Las Animas County. This piqued my interest for awhile when I first starting researching the Trinidad area.

    (Note: "twar" rhymes with the word "are". Just like the French word "repertoire".)

    Try saying peg-et'-twar

    Now repeat it in your best "French Fur Trapper Accent". :D
    (Or, you might just try a Maurice Chevalier, or Jacques Chirac imitation.)

    What locally used word does it sounds like?


    It is the French pronunciation of Purgatoire. And, after the early settler's attempts to decipher the French pronunciation, it was subsequently handed to the cartographers as "Picketwire".

    The early Hispanic translation was "El Rio de las Animas Perdidas en Purgatorio" which roughly means, "The River of Souls Lost in Purgatory".

    The date of the upper image is not known, but the lower image is ca. 1895.

    There are still signs of the early name Picketwire throughout the valley. However, it is found more abundantly in the lower river valley towards the Arkansas River.

    Trinidad used to have a daily newspaper called the "Picketwire".

    I would also like to note here that on the 1895 map there is a town site missing. Although it is just across the stateline in New Mexico it's presence had a infuence on Las Animas County and visa versa. The town site was Catskill, east of Vasquez which was accessed by a railroad line up Long's Canyon.
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    This is solely to keep the substance of this folder clean, the history information fluid, and on topic.

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    Reference Material Information

    Books for Sale by the Trinidad Historical Society

    by M. Beshoar M.D. 1882
    Reprinted by the Trinidad Historical Society 1990
    These are numbered editions and only 1,000 were printed.
    The book talks about the history, industries, resources, etc. of the area.

    $10.00 plus postage

    by Louise LeBarre Hanks
    This book was printed in 1996. Louise writes about churches, schools, WWI, the and the Mafia from 1860-1970's. Louise writes about the "social fabric" of the community.

    $12.00 plus postage

    by Morris F. Taylor
    Reprinted in 2008 by the Trinidad Historical Society
    This is a classic about the history of the Trinidad area. Dr. Taylor begins his book with a discussion of the naming of places and the stories behind the names. He tells about the early years and the people who traveled through the area. The following chapters cover the years from 1863-1876. This is one of the most sought after sources for local history.

    $25.00 plus postage

    These books are available at the Louden-Henritze Archaeology Museum and Hadad's Home Furnishings.


    I would like to break here and provide some information on the various references I use.


    For the mining town sites I don't think it gets much better than Las Animas County Ghost Towns and Mining Camps, by F. Dean Sneed, a resident of Trinidad. For those not familiar with his book, it is soft cover book with 101 pages, many illustrations, and has 9 excellent hand drawn maps in the back. There are a few of the maps that indicate the location of cemeteries.

    His book details 38 of the now abandoned town sites which are currently privately owned properties in the Trinidad area.

    For around $12 it is a very inexpensive book for the volume of information that it contains.
    As of 7/17/2008, the Trinidad History Museum has this book in a new printing.

    Trinidad History Museum
    312 East Main Street, P.O. Box 377,
    Trinidad, CO 81082,
    Phone 719-846-7217,


    Another very easy to find, and highly useful book is, Colorado Ghost Towns - Past & Present, by Robert L. Brown, 1972

    Las Animas town sites included in Robert L. Brown's book are; Berwind, Ludlow, Morley, Primero, Segundo, Tabasco (which was next to Berwind.), and Tercio.


    Another very easy to find, and highly useful 3 volume set of books are, Echoes of Yesteryear - Las Animas County - Things you should know, Places you should go, by Patrick L. Donachy. Revised Edition, 1992

    These are small soft cover books with approximately 42 pages each, are very well written, and illustrated. Cost is approximately $6 each.

    Volume I - Coal - The Kingdom Below

    1. Maxwell Land Grant Prize
    2. Up the River (Sopris)
    3. Cokedale - A Living Memory
    4. Black Flows the Waters (Plight of early coal miners & families.)
    5. There Was No Primrose Path (Life & ways of early coal miners.)
    6. Ma Lived There, Too
    7. A Mirror For Narcissus (Monument Park)
    8. The Valley of Towers (Stonewall)
    9. Map of Locations

    Volume II - The Realm of the Peak

    1. Old Flat Top (Fisher's Peak)
    2. The Lady Shows the Way (Ava Maria Shrine)
    3. The Drop Outs (Drop City)
    4. Where God Serves As Doorkeeper (Holy Trinity Church)
    5. A Resting Place (Simpson's Rest)
    6. Starkville - A Community of Spirit
    7. The Ebony Hills ("Slack" piles - Why?)
    8. Morley - Romance in the Coal Fields
    9. Over the Top (Raton Pass)
    10. Map of Locations

    Volume III - Larceny and Lace
    Alleged Improprieties

    1. The Others On The Mountain

    Thomas "Black Jack" Ketchum and the Hole in the Wall Gang
    terrorized Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico in
    the late 1800's. The astonishing saga of Ketchum's
    execution is a befitting conclusion to this tale.

    2. Where Have You Been Billy Boy

    Why would the infamous boyish desperado known as Billy
    the Kid stop in Trinidad?

    3. Gratuities Accepted

    A red light means stop. But, in early day Trinidad
    it wasn't meant for traffic control!

    4. Give Or Take A Few

    A political power struggle pitted two friendly
    Trinidad pioneers against each other in 1904.
    This led to one of the most mysterious baffling,
    and possibly unscrupulous election outcomes ever
    witnessed in Colorado.

    5. By the Dipperful

    Delos Chappell was a charismatic, brillant
    Trinidad engineer. In 1879, he developed
    Trinidad's first crude water delivery system.
    An entrepreneur, he stood toe to toe with the
    best and usually came away the victor.
    The reader is left to draw his own conclusions
    concerning Chappell's motives.

    6. Three Squares and A Roof

    Humor prevailed in Trinidad western style law.
    As history reveals, the city's "Crossbar" hotel
    seldom lacked for action!


    Another excellent book dealing with Cokedale, and Bon Carbo exclusively, is Cokedale: 1907-1947 Anatomy of a Model Mining Community, by Holly Barton. This book is very well illustrated.

    Reportedly this book is available from the Cokedale Museum Commission, PO Box 315, Cokedale, CO, 81082. They are sold for $10 each plus shipping. NOTE: As I have not contacted the Cokedale Museum Commision, I do not know how accurate, or up-to-date this information may be. - RR-Guy


    Other reference books;

    (1.) The Colorado Road, by F. Hol Wagner Jr., 1970
    (2.) Mountain to Mill, by William H. McKenzie, 1982 (The Colorado & Wyoming Railway)
    (3.) Santa Fe's Raton Pass, by Jared Harper, 1983
    (4.) Colorado Railroads; Chronological Development, by Tivis "Tiv" Wilkins, 1974.
    (5.) Santa Fe in the Intermountain West, Colorado Rail Annual No. 23,
    published by the Colorado Railroad Museum, 1998
    (6.) Centennial State Trolleys, by Ken Fletcher, published by the Colorado Railroad Museum, 2000

    Of the above listed railroad books that I reference, the first two are out-of-print books. and are very difficult to obtain. The 3rd & 4th reference items above are also out-of-print books, but can still be located at a reasonable price.

    The Carnegie Library in Trinidad has some of them, but a library such as the Robert W. Richardson Railroad Library at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO is a treasure trove for the person wanting to research the railroad history in Southern Colorado. They have them all.
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    Santa Fe Trail Timelines

    "1865 "Uncle Dick" Wooten opens a road over Raton Pass."
    "1880 Santa Fe Trail is abandoned in favor of railroad route to Santa Fe."
    And, more...

    Los Caminos Antiguos

    "Spanish interest in the lands of Los Caminos Antiguos was
    initially based on the search for gold, and the religious
    conversion of various native tribes throughout the region. "

    Sites of Trinidad on the Santa Fe Trail Mountain Branch

    ****************** NOTE *******************

    The below links are broken, and are no longer valid.
    They may not even be on the rootsweb website any longer.

    Longs Canons Church - Owner and Submitter: Manuel R. Flores

    Trinidad, Colorado - Owner and Submitter: Manuel R. Flores

    Las Animas County Photos

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