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Thread: Sally Vigil ( Celestina Vigil) b. 1931

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    Sally Vigil ( Celestina Vigil) b. 1931

    My name is Alice Vigil and I live in Los Angeles, California. I am seeking any information concerning my mother Sally Vigil (b. 1931 d.2004). She was born and raised in Trindad Colorado and left for California in the late 1940's.
    Presently, I am certain I have familial relations within the community but I have never met or made contact with them.
    I would greatly appreciate any stories, ancedotes, pictures etc. that anyone may have concerning my mother or her family.
    Quick facts: As a teenager, my mother worked at "Charlie's Diner" within the town in the 1940's. Sally's mother's name was Geniveve and her father was Samuel.

    Thank You Much
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    Alice, here's a start:
    Samuel Vigil married Genoveva Gonzales 2/1/1925 Las Animas County License #5612.
    They are in the 1930 census for Weston CO. as follows:
    Samuel 23 born in Colorado, Genoveva 21 born in Colorado, Estella J. 4.4 yrs, Alver 3.1, and Gertrudes I. 1.3 yrs.
    I believe that Samuel is the s/o Ventura Vigil and Dubijen Martinez. They were married 7/22/1899 Las Animas County CO.
    Dubijen could be the d/o Alejandro Martinez and Erinella ?. I will need to pull the marriages to find out for sure.
    Good Luck.
    Pat from Denver

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