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Thread: News Update / Thursday - February 8, 2007

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    News Update / Thursday - February 8, 2007

    Remember! Lock it on: KSPK-FM 103.5 & KSPK-TV Channel 34 in Trinidad

    The House Finance Committee has approved a measure that Rep. Rafael Gallegos has been trying to get through the legislature for the past three years. Gallegos, of Antonito, persuaded the committee to go along with his idea to increase the income threshold so more low-income people can qualify for state aid in paying their heating bills. That threshold is currently $11,000 a year for individuals and $14,700 for couples and hasn‚€™t changed in 20 years. Gallegos had wanted to raise both by $2,000 a year originally, but was forced to cut his request in half to save the state about $2 million a year. Gallegos says that it‚€™s more than past time to raise the threshold, if for no other reason because of the series of storms and cold weather that we‚€™ve had this winter.

    Five out of eight hunters have been successful so far in the special deer hunt that has brought national attention to Alamosa. The hunt, which has been featured in state and national news, is currently in its second week. 30 residents‚€™ names were drawn out of 127 applicants for the special hunt that is designed to thin out the Alamosa herd and reduce human/deer problems such as motor vehicle accidents, and deer attacks on domestic pets. Ironically, almost as many deer were taken out in car/deer collisions the week before the hunt began, according to Alamosa City Manager Nathan Cherpeski. Four deer were killed in a week in vehicle accidents in the Alamosa and surrounding area. The hunt has gone well so far, and it is hoped that it will continue smoothly until its conclusion at the end of the month.

    Speaking at a monthly luncheon sponsored by Tu Casa and the San Luis Valley Anti-Violence Task Force, Marcia Tuggle, an investigator for the Department of Social Services for seven years, and now an in-home therapist for social services, said that a quarter of all child welfare cases handled by Alamosa County‚€™s Department of Social Services involve methamphetamine use by parents. According to Tuggle, 4 such cases were handled Wednesday and about 25 were handled altogether in the month of January. Tuggle said that ‚€œmeth‚€Ě is so highly addictive that users may become hooked the first time it is used. She said treatment only produces a 5% recovery rate. Tuggle said that the Department of Social Services is concerned about getting families the help they need so children can be returned to their families. She said that other family members are given preference for placement of children whose parents need treatment. There is a shortage of foster parents currently, which is the second choice.

    The Las Animas and Huerfano Counties District Health Department will be offering cholesterol tests next week, February 12th through the 16th. The first ten people to call to schedule an appointment will receive a free cholesterol test. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call the health department at 738-2650.

    Funeral services will be held today at 1pm at the Creede High School gymnasium for girl‚€™s basketball coach Walter A. Martinez, 46, who died on Sunday in a snowmobile accident near Beaver Creek Reservoir. Burial will follow at the Creede Cemetery. Martinez, who was a contractor, was born in Alamosa on August 30th, 1960. He graduated from Creede High School and then attended Western State in Gunnison. He is survived by his wife and five sons, his parents, two brothers and two sisters. Memorial contributions for Martinez‚€™s sons may be made to the First Southwest Bank in Del Norte.
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