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Thread: Osanna Family Research

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    Osanna Family Research

    I am planning a trip to northern New Mexico this August and since I am close enough to Trinidad I want to take a trip to my grandfather's birthplace. I visited my great grandmother Della (Mattei) Osanna in Trinidad in 1975 and her sister Mary (Mattei) Benato. I know that my great grandfather John worked as a brewmeister in Trinidad and I know Mary moved to Alameda in the 1920s or 1930s. I have most of the family history from my grandfather (Joe) once he came to California but not much of the Trinidad side (especially John and the brewery--I am assuming he worked at Schneiders but don't know for sure). I can grab census data elsewhere. What I am looking for is the local history and any newspaper or photos or any other advice anyone has. Thanks
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    In the Aultman Photo Collection there is an Angelo Ossanna, 2558, 1893. And also ...Ossanna A. .3140..1894,...12203...1903, 13724..1905, 19046..1909,..19475...1909,...19476, 1909.

    The first number is the call number, the second is the year the photo was taken, and the name is the person who paid for the photo.

    I know the spelling is different but maybe it is the person that you are related to.

    They photos are in the Stephen Hart Library in Denver, Co.

    The Carnegie Public Library would be a great source for finding information on the brewery. When you come to Colorado you would be most welcome to do research in our history room, the one with the "NEW" copier/scanner !

    By the way, we are still taking donations for the history room. All money donated and stated to be used for the history room on all checks and money orders, will be used most graciously for upgrading, maintance and for all materials used in the history room. No amount is too small for the huge amount of information that we are trying to preserve for all of us to enjoy as well as our children and grandchildren.


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    Dosanna: Della Osanna and Mary Bonato were my great-aunts; my grandmother was their sister, Madeline Rizzi. Would your grandfather and grandmother be Joe and Winnie? I remember them having at least three boys, Rick, Doug and Michael, and they came to Trinidad quite a bit. My brother Steve and I were pretty close to them, but have lost touch.

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