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Thread: News Update / Friday - February 16, 2007

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    News Update / Friday - February 16, 2007

    Remember! Lock it on: KSPK-FM 103.5 & KSPK-TV Channel 34 in Trinidad

    Officials said yesterday that the Colorado Wildlife Commission has granted $160,000 for emergency wildlife management in blizzard-stricken southeast Colorado. The conditions that have plagued the area since a series of snowstorms struck in late December and early January make it tough for wildlife to survive, according to officials. The wildlife commission authorized the Colorado Division of Wildlife to feed big game animals in areas where natural food sources are still covered by deep snow. Officials believe that up to 2,000 deer and pronghorn might be affected, but they are not all in one place. DOW officials said critical conditions still exist in a snow belt that stretches from Burlington south to Lamar and west to Trinidad, but in other locations, conditions are not much different than in a normal winter.

    Alamosa Chief of Police Ronald Lindsey has announced that he will retire from the position of chief of police in March or April. Lindsey has been in the position for almost 40 years. Lindsey had indicated about 6 months ago that he would retire in March or April, however Alamosa city officials posted the position vacancy announcement regarding the job this past Wednesday at city hall. The position has also been announced through the International Association of Chiefs of Police Magazine, Colorado Job Finder‚€™s web site and through publications from the Colorado Municipal League. An internal screening process will take place initially to ensure applicants are qualified for the $61 to $72-thousand dollar a year position. The city may then incorporate a selection board process to interview final candidates, however, no formal process had yet been initiated.

    The Rio Grande Basin Roundtable on Tuesday reviewed a wish list of 10 to 15 projects dealing with water use in the basin where it would like to spend the $1 million that it has available for such projects. Among the potential projects on the wish list are: evaluation of groundwater pumping on surface water rights, identification of issues and potential water sources for augmentation of depletions to the confined aquifer, identification of issues and potential sources for augmentation upstream from the Del Norte gauge, and development of a common platform for county assessors to assess and manage groundwater management sub districts. The projects on the wish list are conceptual only at this point and are on the list primarily to keep the ideas before the roundtable. None have been approved for funding as of yet.

    The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve could be looking at an 8% budget increase beginning in 2008, pending congressional approval. The park‚€™s budget increase would equate to about $70,000 a year beginning in 2008. The increase would allow the park to hire roughly 10 additional seasonal employees to assist in the park‚€™s busiest months, which generally run from April to October. The increase in employees would be spread between education, maintenance and law enforcement people to ensure a cleaner safer park.

    The Colorado FSA has announced the approaching deadline to apply for emergency loans authorized in 2006 by four separate secretarial natural disaster declarations. The March 12th, 2007, deadline affects producers with qualifying losses in all but five of Colorado‚€™s 64 counties. Eligible family farm and ranch operations should contact FSA staff at their local USDA service center for detailed information concerning qualifying losses as well as how to apply. The March 12th deadline is for funds authorized in 2006, not for emergency loans announced in January of this year.
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