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    I am researching my grandparents William and Catherine Duncan. William was a coalminer and worked in one of the Crystal Gate mines prior to June 1916 when he left to fight in WWI. His wife remained in Aguilar for the next 1 to 2 years. She stayed at the Ardington / Cardington ?? hotel in Aguilar (the papers I have are hard to read so I am not sure of the hotel name). Can anyone advise me of the hotels that may have exixted during this time and if there are any mine, city or county records that may list mine workers and/or their families? Also are there any pictures of the town or mines around this time?

    Thank you, Rich
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    A follow up to my previous post. I have learned that the Crystal Gate mine is in Utah. so while he was in Aguilar he might have worked at different mine. The hotel was listed on his military records as he had his pay sent to his wife at the hotel from 1917 -1919. Does anyone have any information on hotels in the Aguilar area during that time? Are there any community residents lists?

    Thank You

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    The Aguilar area did not lack Coal mines. I find the below listed mines, and there may be more.

    Blazing Rag Mine
    Broadhead Mine
    Daisy Mine
    Empire Mine
    Gem Mine
    Green Canyon Mines
    Healy Strip Mine
    Jewel Mine
    Jolly Pit
    Kenneth Mine
    Las Animas Number Nine Mine
    Old Number Three Mine
    Old Wichita Mine
    Peerless Mine
    Prosperity Mine mine
    Prosperity Mine Number 2
    Rapson Mine
    Royal Mine
    Southwestern Mine
    Spring Mine
    Vickers Mine
    Victor Smith Prospect
    Weeks Mine

    The Carnegie Library in Trinidad may have records. :)

    Here's a link to Aguilar some information.

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    I was not able to locate Ardington/Cardington Hotel in Aguilar but that doesn't mean there wasn't one. It could also have been a name of a family that ran a boarding house in Aguilar however I could not find the names in the census.

    Here is a link to the Apishapa Valley Historical Society
    and you could contact them at: E-Mail: [email protected]

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    1918 Trinidad-Las Animas County City Directory.......Arlington Hotel, M. Musgrave, Prop. At that time there was an Empire Coal Mining Co. in operation in Aguilar. No listing for any Duncan's. I am still looking for information on the mine. If I find anything I will post.

    Also in the Aultman Photo Collection folder here in the Carnegie Public Library in Trinidad, we have 4 listings for DUNCAN. They are Duncan, C.M. (1899), Duncan, Mrs. A.W. (1890), Duncan, Mrs. Sam (1896), Duncan, Sam (1897), Duncan, W.B. (1905). We only have the folder that contains the name of the person who paid for the photo, the call number and the year the photo was taken. If you are interested in purchasing any of these let me know and I will give you the call number and the phone number or address of where to purchase them. I really don't know if these are your relatives, but other people have been very successful in purchasing photos from the Aultman Photo Collection.

    Hope this helps you.


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    Thanks for the surname Alice. Located the Musgrave family in the 1910 Census Aguilar, Las Animas, Colorado and it does show Joshua Musgrave and his wife, Marsid ? (hard to read) and family plus one boarder. It shows him as owner: Saloon Lodging. It appears to be located on Wootin Street.

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