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Thread: Reunion news

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    Reunion news

    Hay fourm friends how you all doing I am doing good its been pretty hot up here in the nort country but thats okay in a couple of months we will be whining about how cold it is. Just to let everybody know I didnt go down with the I-35 bridge in to the Mississippi river all of my family are all fine. I have driven over that bridge a millon times since I have lived up here that was pretty sad situation there still looking for missing people. I heard some news about my class reunion it is being held at a place call JuJos can some one from t-dad tell me where that is I have never heard of the place? They are also inviding the classes of 66 and 68 that well be cool I well enjoy seeing alot of those folks also. My sister Pam graduated in 68 so she is planning to attend the reunion also so if anybody got out of school in those years I hope to see you all there. I am also looking forward to seeing that hot pic of Missing. ha ha. Hay Frazias if you read this post I hooked up with your brother about two weeks ago in Brainard at his barber shop he sure is a great guy we had great meeting.Well mabe I will see some of yous guys in September.
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    Glad to hear that you and your family were not on I35 during the collapse.

    Ju Jo's Pub Inc
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    George, It is where Haps Discount used to be.[8D]

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    Right across from the post office and Century Savings and Loans, one place I did not get to go to. Kind of hard with TBC and all that homeade brew to venture out.:D

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    Was wondering where you have been, If you want a hot pitcure of missing, look at a picture of a jalapeno, then throw it away.

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