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Thread: Sports complex

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    Sports complex

    I was just reading about the new John Gagliardi sports complex and I was wandering where the complex is being built? Is it at the old sight of the old swimming pool out on east main street? I will be in T-dad on the 27th and 28th for my class reunion they sure have a fun time set up for all of us, going to be there for home comming we get to take part in everything that is goimg on. Hay Pete M if you happen to read this post my kid sister Christine is going to be with my sister Pam and I that weekend if you happen to be around town during the parade or the game that night mabe we will bump into you. I will tell Chris to keep a look out for you. If anything go to JuJos on friday night after the game thay are having a get together there for everbody and its an open invatation for all classes.Besides your a councilmen and you should be there shaking hands and kissing babies. ha ha. I said babies not babes.ha ha again. Come to think about it there is going to be a few more Tafoyas around that weekend I think Windows is going to be there and also my sis Mercedes and of course my brother Steve who still lives in T-dad. Well hope to see you all.
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    George, I will be on the lookout! Thanks for the heads up. The Sports complex will be where the community center and skate park are. We just broke ground last week on the new swimming pool there next the community center gym. :D[8D]

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    Hey Pete! Don't forget the camera, so you can take current photos of the Tafoyas in attendance! LOL! CHEESE!

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