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Thread: KSPK News Update - Thursday, October 18, 2007

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    KSPK News Update - Thursday, October 18, 2007

    KSPK-TV Channel 34 / KSPK-FM 103.5 in Trinidad

    U.S. Senator Ken Salazar, in his weekly press conference yesterday, said that the Commerce, Justice and Science Departments Appropriations Act before the U.S. Senate this week includes $25,000 for the San Luis Valley Drug Task Force. Salazar said the funding is especially important in the wake of what he termed a drug epidemic especially with methamphetamines. Salazar said he believes the legislature should do everything it can to ‚€œstomp out meth as it has become the drug of choice across the west.‚€Ě Salazar said, ‚€œThis bill will provide critical funds to the arsenals of those who are on the ground fighting the meth scourge.‚€Ě Salazar said that meth is tearing families apart and is financing an underground economy. He said he would continue to fight for those funds and anything additional that will give local law enforcement the tools they need to do their jobs and keep our communities safe.

    The City of Walsenburg received the 2007 Starburst Community Award on Tuesday night for its beneficial use of Colorado Lottery funds to construct the Walsenburg Wild Waters Aquatic Park. Lottery officials presented the award to the city council. The award honors communities for innovative uses of lottery funds in recreational and open space projects. The city received a $420,000 grant from the Great Outdoors Colorado Lottery program to help with the building of the aquatic park. Walsenburg competed in the small communities category for projects with a price tag of $1 million or more.

    Colorado Division of Water Resources Division engineer for division III, Mike Sullivan, told members of the Rio Grande Water Conservation District board Tuesday that this water year, which looked like an 80% year, has turned into a 110% to 112% year. Sullivan said that the May projected annual index for the Rio Grande was 545,000 acre- feet. As of Tuesday morning, Sullivan said he had increased the projected annual index to 715,000 acre-feet. Sullivan said that the increase is based on the flows for the last 14 days of the Rio Grande at Del Norte. Sullivan said that 667,100 acre-feet have already run through the gauges, so the remainder of the projected flow for this year is expected in November and December. Because of the projected annual index, the Rio Grande will owe 211,500 acre feet to downstream states through its Rio Grande Compact obligations. Colorado has already delivered 165,700 acre-feet of that obligation, Sullivan said.

    The Colorado Mission of Mercy, a traveling dental clinic that focuses on Colorado‚€™s underserved areas, will kick off this year‚€™s program tomorrow in Alamosa. The program has scheduled sessions tomorrow and Saturday at Plachy Hall on the Adams State College campus. Services will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Doors will open at 5am both days and the clinic is expected to last until 4:30pm each day. For more information about the clinic, call 589-4946.

    A benefit to aid the family of the late Courtney Curtis, 15, who died in an accident Saturday in Westcliffe, will run from noon to 6pm on Sunday at the Custer County ambulance service barn, located just east of the county courthouse at 205 S. Sixth street. The event will feature food sales and entertainment by local bands. All donations and proceeds will be given to the Curtis family in honor of Courtney. Courtney died after slipping off a float and being run over at the end of Custer County High School‚€™s homecoming parade.

    The Boys and Girls Clubs of the San Luis Valley will host its 9th Annual Masquerade Ball and Benefit Auction, Saturday at the Inn of the Rio Grande in Alamosa. State Rep. Buffie McFadyen will emcee the event and the band ‚€œSneakers‚€Ě will perform. The event will include a silent auction, bid board auction and a live auction. Tickets for the evening are $35 and include dinner. For tickets and more information, call 589-5252.
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