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    Election Results

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    In statewide ballot issues, Referendum A, The Water Initiative, has gone down to defeat with 67% no votes to 33% yes votes. Amendment 32, regarding property tax, has also lost with a vote of 78% no votes to 22% yes votes. And, Amendment 33, regarding video lottery terminals, has also lost with 81% no votes to 19% yes votes.

    In Huerfano County, Maurice Brau has been re-elected as Mayor of Walsenburg. He was running against Huerfano County Commissioner Charles Montoya. Brau received 696 votes to Montoya‚€™s 353. In the city clerk's race, John Zgut is the new city clerk with 578 votes, beating out Erin Jerant with 307 votes and incumbent Gale Rynhart with 163 votes. Debra Hurtado won the city treasurer's race against Gale Rynhart with 793 votes to Rynhart's 220. Paul Sedillo was re-elected to the Ward 1 City Council seat along with Claudine Pino-Scarcella. Arthur Cruz was a close third and could possibly ask for a recount. In Ward 2, Cindy Wiggins wins re-election and is joined by Cathy Pineda. In Ward 3, Bruce Eccher won re-election and he is joined by James Baca. Dorothy Mihanovich was a distant third. In Ward 4, Fred Eccher won re-election and is joined by Jeriann Vigil. Eccher had 199 votes, Vigil 185. Teri Bishop was third and was not elected. In school board races, in La Veta, Elizabeth Kreutzer (Critzer) and Debbie Channel were elected in a 5-candidate race. Michael Drees was third followed by Jaquiline Christian and Yolanda O'Brien. Ray Bustos won the School Board Re-1 District a seat over Jolene Nation-Newman 910 to 778. David Mockmore was unchallenged in District C. Jolette Martinez win the District E seat with 618 votes. William Hudson II had 571 votes and Tina Vigil Gonzales had 469. Lynette Kleinschmidt was unopposed in District G. All local issues in Huerfano County and Walsenburg went down to defeat.

    There was a 59% turnout of voters with the mail-in ballot procedure in Huerfano County. County clerk Judy Benine talked to KSPK‚€™s Larry Patrick and said this was a very efficient election.

    In Saguache County, in the school board races for Mountain Valley, Dan Pacheco was the lone candidate in District B with 282 votes. In District C, there were 5 candidates for one position. Winning was Jack Collier with 110 votes. Joe Lujan was a close second at 106 which could prompt a recount. Steve Sanchez was 3rd, Dario Archuleta 4th and David Chavez 5th. In District D, Orlando Abeyta beat Debbie Strain 237 to 159 votes.

    In Las Animas County, Trinidad Mayor Joe Reorda has retained his seat. He had a total of 1,414 votes over challenger Mitch Medina‚€™s 597. In the Trinidad City Council race, the top 3 vote getters for the 3 seats are Nick Debono with 1,234 votes, Carmen Sandoval with 958 votes, and Jennie Garduno with 956 votes. Marie George received 839 votes, bob house 702, Alex Santistevan 398, and Larry Espinoza 255 votes.

    In Hoehne, Referendum 5A, for formation of the Hoehne Fire Protection District, won with 299 yes votes to 64 no votes. And Referendum 5B, the mill levy, also won with 238 yes votes and 115 no votes.

    In Rio Grande County, Donald Schall and Charles Speilman were both elected to the Monte Vista City Council with 369 and 354 votes respectively. Although not elected, Bob Bryning received 314 votes, Jose Zamora 199 votes, and Indio Samora 196 votes. In the Monte Vista School District race, Tyler Ratzlaff was elected with 903 votes, Pricilla Burke was elected with 902 votes and Timothy Armstrong was elected with 735 votes. Gale Gonzales was not elected. She had 518 votes. Monte Vista City Referendum A, the use tax, lost with 589 no votes to 177 yes votes. The question to change location of the Monte Vista City Council meetings won with 541 yes votes to 219 no votes. In the Del Norte School Board Election, Grover Haythorn won a seat with 450 votes, Sharon Haynie won a seat with 416 votes and Paul Atencio won a seat with 397 votes. The remaining votes were Clyde Heller with 322 votes, Robert Fresquez with 244, Gary Allen with 202, Mark Egan with 160 and Arthur Washburn with 110 votes. And, in the Sargent School district, Deanne Elliot and Robin Verschoor were both elected with 196 and 184 votes respectively. The Sargent School District Referendum 3A, bonds for a new bus garage, won with 123 yes votes to 118 no votes.

    In Alamosa County, in the City of Alamosa, Referendum 2B, the extension of the ¬Ĺ-cent sales and use tax question, won with 1,093 yes votes to 393 no votes. Referendum 2C, a pay raise for City Council, lost with 868 no votes to 637 yes votes. The city council ward 1 seat was won by Greg Gillaspie with 178 votes. Robert Oringdulph had 140 votes. And the Ward 3 seat was won by Charles Griego with 243 votes. Raina Cohn had 89 votes. The Town of Hooper's Referendum 2A to eliminate term limits lost with 22 no votes and 20 yes votes. Alamosa County Referendum 5A, the establishment of a countywide marketing district, won with 1813 yes votes and 1351 no votes. Referendum 5B, the 4% bed tax also won 1714 yes votes to 1406 no votes. And referendum 5C, elimination of term limits for the East Alamosa water and sanitation district, lost, with 181 no votes to 102 yes votes.

    In Costilla County, Referendum 5A, to organize the Rio Culebra Recreation District, lost with 356 no votes to 261 yes votes. Referendum 5B, the mill levy, lost with 396 no votes to 212 yes votes. Referendum 5C, bonds for the district, lost 371 no votes to 210 yes votes. And, Referendum 5D, to remove the revenue requirement, also lost 396 no votes to 197 yes votes.

    In Conejos County, Julie Gomez-Nuanes won the District B Board of Education seat with 449 votes. Jimmy Vigil had 369. The District D seat was taken by Garth Crowther with 560 votes. Gasper Lopez received 287 votes.

    In Sanford, Darren Edgar won a Board of Education seat with 18 votes. David Faucette and Ralph Leslie Hawkins tied for the second seat with 13 votes each. Celia Riddick received 11 votes.

    In Mosca, Marvin D. Brown won the District 2 Board of Education seat with 234 votes. Jill Gallagher received 81 votes. Larry E. Wood won the District 4 seat with 209 votes. Sylvia Nelms received 140 votes. And Amy Mckinley won the District 5 Seat with 215 votes. Darrell Yarbrough received 136 votes.

    In Antonito, Tony R. Gallegos received 208 votes to win the Board of Education District D Seat. Jimmy Duran received 174 votes.
    In Custer County, the West Custer County Library District ballot issue 51, the mill levy, won with 711 yes votes to 411 no votes.
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