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Thread: Our Mission Statement

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    Our Mission Statement

    Hello Everyone,

    The half dozen of us who have been involved with the current city sanctioned arts and culture commission are enthusiastic about being able to communicate more with all the arts and cultural groups, persons, and activities that exist in Trinidad and the surrounding region.

    To be precise, our commission‚€™s full name is: The City of Trinidad Arts and Culture Advisory Commission.

    Recently the commission members reviewed the MISSION STATEMENT for our group and it is clear:) that, at least in the original intent, of this official city agency, is to help promote all art and cultural efforts throughout the city. In addition, the commission is asked to provide suggestions and useful ideas towards the economic benefit of our city in relation to the arts and cultural events and their relationship with tourism.

    Over the past several months I have heard the following statement: Trinidad is the new Santa Fe. I am awestruck by the challenge of this remark.

    I know Santa Fe a little bit and I realize some of the unique beauty that is this New Mexican haven. To have folks say that Trinidad can absorb the affluence and subsequent demands made upon a town that would mirror sacred Santa Fe is daunting to consider.

    But when I look at my beautiful native land I think that it‚€™s amazing that our very presence has been kept close to secret all these years. Our mountains and foothills are so awesome. Our climate is pretty darn great.

    There is no doubt that Trinidad currently enjoys a certain bit of commerce that many other small towns in the southwest do not. Besides the natural beauty that is Trinidad and Las Animas County there is the natural gas that has become a boon to many. Despite the property rights that are different from mineral rights, our community is enjoying an economic boost while most of the nation is having quite a difficult time.

    Unfortunately for many locals and residents, the wealth does not always trickle down. Depending upon our types of businesses and avocations, we may or may not be prospering.

    The A & C Commission, as I like to call it, is faced with many exciting challenges but the biggest one that I can see is to provide useful suggestions that will help our community prosper at large because of artistic and cultural draws such as the Trinidaddio Bluesfest and the Santa Fe Trail Days.

    We welcome all suggestions that might help us to make Trinidad and the surrounding area a magnet for artists of all kinds and a destination that is in itself magnetic.

    Joseph Sanchez A & C Chairman
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