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Thread: KSPK News Update - Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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    KSPK News Update - Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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    Alamosa officials are saying that they may never know the source of the salmonella contamination in the city‚€™s water system, however they are assuring citizens that the continued use of chlorine will keep future outbreaks from happening. Testing of the water system is continuing and residents will be notified when the system moves to stage 3, but an estimated date as to when that will happen has not yet been announced. The official ‚€œall clear‚€Ě determination will be made by state officials. The new water treatment facility is expected to come online in June with testing expected to begin in May. The new plant will include a chlorination process. Chlorination will also continue under the existing system until the switchover is made. The water distribution center at the SLV Medical Center has now been closed as demand for bottled water has decreased. The distribution centers located at the old K-mart parking lot and at Boyd Park in Alamosa will remain open for now. As of Monday, there were officially 326 total cases of salmonella reported, 90 confirmed cases and 13 have been hospitalized.

    Homeowners and businesses that want to install renewable energy devices in their homes may have monies available to do so under legislation approved yesterday by a house committee.
    The bill, HB1350, which cleared the House Transportation and Energy Committee on a unanimous 12-0 vote, would allow the newly created Colorado clean energy development authority to use its bonding powers to issue loans to homeowners and businesses that want to retrofit their home or building to be more energy efficient, or to install renewable energy equipment. The measure also expands the types of capital improvement projects that local governments may finance to include energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. The bill, which heads to the full house now for more debate, goes hand-in hand with a net-metering measure that Governor Bill Ritter signed into law earlier this session.

    The three Blanca town trustee incumbents retained their seats yesterday in the Blanca town election. Trustee Myrrl W. Smith won 47 confidence votes, he was running unopposed. Coal Wakasugi received 44 votes, Edward G. Roybal received 41 votes, Paul Wiescamp 36 votes and Nancy Sanchez 19 votes. 53 of the town‚€™s residents cast their vote in yesterday‚€™s election of the 150 to 170 registered votes in Blanca. The trustee‚€™s were all elected to four-year terms of office.

    In honor of ‚€œNational Kick Butts Day‚€Ě today, the Pueblo Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership at the Pueblo City/County Health Department wants to offer support to anyone who wants information on the health risk or who is interested in quitting all forms of smoking tobacco, including hookah. For those who want to quit using any form of tobacco, the Colorado Quitline at 1800-QUIT-NOW offers free tobacco cessation services and a free supply of the patch to everyone in the state. Other resources are also available at the Pueblo City/County Health Department by calling 583-4334.

    Randy Jackson, 35, of Alamosa, has announced that he will run for the house district 62 legislative seat. Jackson, who is a republican, says, ‚€œThe greatest threat we have is our own complacency‚€Ě. He says he ‚€œgot tired of just complaining from the sidelines‚€Ě. Jackson grew up in the San Luis Valley and graduated from Alamosa High School. He received a business administration degree with a minor in Spanish from Adams State College. Jackson and his wife Micah have three children. They own and operate Rustic Log Furniture in Alamosa.
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