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Thread: Tomas Trujillo

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    Tomas Trujillo

    I am searching for info on Tomas Trujillo who is Manuel Trujillo's father.

    Manuel Trujillo was born May 1849 in New Mexico Territory and died 1917.

    I found a census report 1860 (Pojoaque, Sante Fe, New Mexico Territory) that listed Tomas Bara Trujillo age 40 and Pries Trujillo age 30 as the parents and Manuel Trujillo age 11.
    It did not however list Pries' maiden name.

    I believe Tomas Trujillo was married once before Pries. I noticed a posting "New member - First posting" that mentioned Tomas Trujillo who was married to Maria Guadalupe Vigil, who was deceased before 1850 (Manuel was born 1849)

    A 1870 census for Trinidad was posted by Pat listing a Manuel Trujillo age 20 living with Maximo Trujillo age 35, who would have been his half brother.

    Could anyone help me confirm if this is the Tomas Trujillo I am searching for and also any info on Pries that could help me track her line?

    Thanks in advance for any and all help you can provide.

    Louise Trujillo
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    Tomas Felipe Trujillo was born 4 FEB 1808 while Tomas Bara Trujillo was born abt. 1820 (per 1860) census. Pries (as transcribed) Trujillo reads more like Ines. In 1860 Tomas Felipe Trujillo was living Santa Gertrudes, Mora, New Mexico while Tomas Bara Trujillo was living Pojoaque, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Are you sure that Tomas Bara Trujillo is the father of your Manuel Trujillo? To me it looks like Tomas Felipe Trujillo may be the father of your Manuel Trujillo. Sorry that I didn't list Manuel Trujillo born abt. 1949 in my other post.

    1850 Census Rio Arriba, New Mexico 31 OCT 1850
    Household #105
    Tomas Trugillo - 42|Farmer|NM
    Maria Trugillo - 33|NM
    Jesus Trugillo - 16|Laborer|NM
    Ines Vusthes Trugillo - 7|NM
    Jose Ramon Trugillo - 13|NM
    Dolores Trugillo - 11|NM
    Masimo Trugillo - 9|NM
    Maria Trugillo - 2|NM
    Manuel Trugillo - 1|NM

    1860 Census Santa Gertrudes, Mora New Mexico 6 AUG 1860
    Post Office: Fernando de Taos, NM
    Household # 3112
    Tomas Trugillo - 52|Farmer|Rio Arriba County NM
    Teodora Ortega - 29|Taos County NM
    Luis Trugillo - 15|Laborer|Rio Arriba County NM
    Manuel Trugillo - 9|Rio Arriba County NM
    Ma. Vicenta Trugillo - 7|Mora County NM
    Juan Trugillo - 5|Mora County NM
    Household # 3113
    Maximo Trugillo - 22|Farm Laborer|Rio Arriba County NM
    Juana Ma. Lucero - 20|Taos County NM

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    I am not sure if Tomas Bara Trujillo is (my) manuel Trujillo's father, all I had found was the census report on Ancestry. It had Tomas Bara Trujillo, Pries and Manuel listed as well as a few other children. Before that all I had was the name Tomas Trujillo as Manuel's father. I had no name for his mother. The birth dates matched up on Manuel so that is the only clue I had. It could very well be Tomas Filipe Trugillo as his father.

    Manuel Trujillo (Born May 1849) married Carmelita Hurtado on September 30, 1872

    Children of Manuel and Carmelita are:

    Eliza Trujillo 1874
    Suchele Trujillo June 1881
    Ezequiel Trujillo August 9, 1885
    Jose La G Trujillo October 1888
    Abram Trujillo October 1890
    Juanita Trujillo May 1893

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    Re: Tomas Trujillo

    My great grandmother was the daughter to Jose Dolores Trujillo. Jose Dolores was the son of Tomas Trujillo and Guadalupe Vigil.

    Does anyone have more information about his father, who I believe is Ygnacio TRUJILLO, born in about 1762 in New Mexico. Ygnacio married Maria de Jesus GARCIA de Noriega?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Tomas Felipe Trujillo

    I found a post dated 4-13-2008 from Dodie, as follows:

    Children of Tomas Felipe Trujillo (born 4 FEB 1808) and Maria Guadalupe Vigil:

    Jose Ramon Trujillo born 3 AUG 1833
    Jose Dolores born 1 JUN 1836
    Maximo Trujillo born 7 JUN 1838
    Francisco Estevan Trujillo born 2 AUG 1840
    Maria Dolores Trujillo born 28 APR 1842
    Teodoro Trujillo born 1 APR 1846
    Luis Maria Trujillo born 25 AUG 1848
    Juan De Jesus De Los Dolores Trujillo born 22 MAR 1850

    Maria Guadalupe Vigil born 2 FEB 1817; died before 1860 census was taken; daughter of Antonio Jose Vigil and Maria Josefa Dolores Tafoya.

    Do you have any information about Jose Dolores, Maximo's brother?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Tomas Felipe Trujillo

    Sorry to say, I don't, but sure would like to add his line to my tree. Could you let me know if the following census belongs to Jose Dolores Trujillo. I know that the 1880 Census does as he is living next door to Maximo Trujillo, his brother.

    1920 Census Grey Creek, Las Animas, Colorado
    Lived on Grey Creek Road
    HH #12
    Trujillo, J. Dolores|Head|80|NM
    Trujillo, Maria Elisea|Wife|60|NM
    Trujillo, Jose D. Trujillo|Grandson|12|CO

    1910 Census Coke Oven, Las Animas, Colorado 4 & 5 MAY 1910
    HH #226-241
    Trujillo, Jose Dolores|Head|M1|NM|Farmer
    Trujillo, Eliseo (reads Elisea)|Wife|63|M1|15|5|NM
    Trujillo, Rosita|Dau|18|CO
    Trujillo, Jose Dolores Jr.|Grandson|2|CO|CO|CO

    1900 Coke Ovens, Las Animas, Colorado
    HH #60
    Surname reads Trujillo
    Tenjillo, Jose|Head|1837|63|40|NM|Farmer
    Tenjillo, Elesea|Wife|1847|53|40|15|5|NM
    Tenjillo, Josifeta|Dau|June|1884|15|CO
    Tenjillo, Jinoncirncio|Son|Aug|1885|CO
    Tenjillo, Rosita|Dau|Sept|1891|CO

    1880 Census Las Animas, Colorado
    HH #605
    Trujillo, Jose D.|38|Sheep Raiser|NM
    Trujillo, Maria|30|Wife|NM
    Trujillo, Agapito|8|Son|CO
    Trujillo, Eusinia|3/12|Dau|CO

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