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    Sipe, Jones,Radford

    Hello my name is Shelley and I am looking for information regarding my fathers family (SIPE) they lived in Trinidad Co. and ran a mortuary. Looking for the name of my gg grandmother who was married to ROBERT G SIPE (1847-1900). Any info regarding EMMA JONES (SIPE)whose was married to my g grandfather EDWARD J SIPE. Any info on BURNEY B SIPE (1868-1923) whom my father was named after. Maiden name of my gg grandmother IRENE E. RADFORD. How do I obtain copies of birth,marriage and death certificates.
    Thank You
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    1880 Census Trinidad, Las Animas, Colorado 5 JUN 1880
    Household #145
    Lived on Commercial
    Sype, R. G. - 32|VA|Carpenter|VA|VA
    Sype, Isophene - Wife|28|Keeps House|TN|TN|TN
    Sype, Bernie - Son|11|TN
    Sype, Loudie - Son|9|TN
    Sype, Eddie - Son|6|TN
    Sype, Baby - Son|5M|CO
    Gwinn, Emma - Sister-in-law|13|TN|TN|TN

    1900 Census Trinidad, Las Animas, Colorado 8 JUN 1900
    Household # 408
    North Commercial
    Sipe, Robert J. - Head|NOV|1847|52|30|VA|VA|VA|Undertaker
    Sipe, Isophene - Wife|SEPT|1853|46|30|7-3|TN|TN
    Sipe, Ludie - Son|AUG|1872|27|TN|Assistant Undertaker
    Sipe, Edward - Son|NOV|1874|25|TN|Apt. Undertaker
    Sipe, Emma J. - Daughter-in-law|July|1876|23|England|England|England
    Owens, Charles|Servant|SEPT|1875|24|VA|VA|VA|Porter

    1910 Census Trinidad, Las Animas, Colorado
    Household # 408 - 7
    North Commercial Street
    Sipe, Isaphene - Head|50|WD|TN|Owner|Undertaking Store

    Trinidad Masonic Cemetery
    Sipe, R. G. - Interment 8/13/1900
    Sipe, Bernie B. - Interment 4/29/1923
    Sipe, Edward J. - Interment11/19/1939
    Sipe, Ludie E. - Interment 1/11/1942
    Sipe, Emma - Interment 2/21/1963

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    Thank You Dodie this is very helpful. We have never heard of Ludie E Sipe (interesting name) he's listed as a assistant undertaker yet the paper I have listing the mortuarys of Trinidad from 1909 on only mentions ROBERT G.,BURNEY B., AND EDWARD J.SIPE if anyone finds something mentioning LUDIE (LOUDIE) E.SIPE would love to see it.Thanks again Dodie the info from the census was very interesting.

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    If it may help you; it would appear that Ludie did not remain in the undertaking business. Per census of 1920 and 30 Denver, he worked in a restaurant and as a laborer. He apparently died in Denver, as a funeral notice was printed (per the obit index held at the Denver Library) in the Denver Post on Jan.7,1942,on page 20.
    Funeral notices usually do not have a lot of information in them, but should you wish a copy, you can go here:(Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness)
    and search for volunteers in Denver Co.,CO; there are several who will find the notice and email a transcription to you.(You will also find volunteers there who will look up marriage dates/counties which might help you too)
    Bernie/Burney/Bernard Sipe, was in Trinidad by 1910,divorced and working in the family business. In 1920, he was the treasurer for the city of Denver, married to Ella May (32,born KS,parents born England) and they had a daughter Mary Elizabeth ,newly born in that year.
    He of course died in 1923, and by 1930 she had remarried and the daughter was called "Bernie" too.
    Edward and Emma of course lived in Trinidad all their married life. Census indicates that she immigrated in 1881 from England, and was naturalized in 1900. Dates can be a little obscure for immigration and naturalization, but; I do see an Emma Jones of the right age, in 1885 Colorado,born in England to British parents Henry and Elizabeth Jones;in that year they also had children Edith age 10 and James age 2. Fingers crossed they might be your Emma's family.
    Isophene/Isophine Sipe was the daughter of William Gwinn/Guinn-mother I was not able to track down. In 1870,Robert and Isophine Sipe,with Bernie age 2, lived in Washington Co.,TN; with them is her father William Guinn,age 64. Then of course, her sister Emma Gwinn is with her in Trinidad in 1880.
    At this link:
    is a photo of Burnie Sipe-click on the photo to get a larger view.
    And another of him here:
    (If the links don't work, go here
    and search on "sipe")
    Copies of birth,death,marriage, have to come from the CO dept. of health; however: indentity theft has made these records a little harder to obtain that they used to be. You must PROVE your relationship to the person--most of us are sending in copies of our family trees that show the link from ourselves to the record requested and that works. Read the instructions carefully for proving your identity as well--copy of drivers license etc.
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    Janet I can't thank you enough for all the information you've found out about my Dad's family. My father's name was BURNEY B, SIPE he always said he was the last male to carry on the SIPE name. He had three daughters. my sister also had the nickname BERNIE. I am so impressed by how much information you and Dodie have given me. Are there websites that help people get this kind of information. I was reluctant to join Ancestry .com. After my father's family I would like to start on my Mother's. Of course the more I find out about my fathers family the more I want to know. When I apply for Birth, Marriage and Death certificates do I have to know what year and city they lived and died in? I'm curious Why gg grandmother ISOPHENE isn't listed with the other SIPES in the cemetery and from 1900 census to 1910 she only aged four years (must be a typo);)

    Thanks again for everything.
    (for all those Mothers out there HAPPY MOTHERS DAY):)

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