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Thread: Jose De La Luz Martinez & Leandrita Duran-Martinez

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    Jose De La Luz Martinez & Leandrita Duran-Martinez

    re: Jose De La Luz Martinez and Leandrita Duran-Martinez

    Jose Del La Luz Martinez
    - born September 1857, New Mexico Territory

    Leandrita Duran-Martinez (aka Leandra?)
    - born February 1869, Colorado
    - married, estimated 1886, Colorado

    Children of Jose and Leandrita...
    - Aberiana, born February 1900, Colorado
    - Guillermo, born April 1897 delagua, Colorado (my great-grandfather)
    - Prestinia, born July 1892, Colorado
    - Benito, March 1894, Colorado
    - Maria C., Sept 1898, Colorado
    - Encarnacion, March 1889, Colorado
    - Maclovia, Nov 1887, Colorado

    Residence: Abeyton, Martinez, Burro Canyon, Las Animas, Colorado
    *This info is from the 1900 US Census and mostly verified by my grandfather.

    According to my grandfather, Jose was a farmer, his family lived in Tujillo Creek and Delagua and Aguilar.

    I am looking for the following...

    * Jose's death date?
    * Jose's father's name?
    * Jose's mother's name?
    * Leandrita's death date?
    * Leandrita's father's name?
    * Leandrita's mother's name?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. -Tim
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    Jose de la Luz Martinez son of Geronimo Martinez and Maria de los Reyes Vialpando married Leandra Duran
    daughter of Manuel Duran and Librada de Herrera
    on Nov. 14, 1886, Nuestra de los Dolores Walsenburg Colorado.

    1860 census Arroyo Seco, Taos, New Mexico Territory
    Geronimo Martinez 49
    Delos Reyes Vialpando 49
    Jacinto Martinez 14
    Marcelina Martinez 13
    Jose De La Luz Martinez 6
    Anastacio Martinez 4
    Jose Franco Martinez 6.12

    According to Tom Martinez's book Taos NM Baptisms 1701-1860:
    The parents of Geronimo Martinez are Christobal Martinez and Maria Teodora Fresquis.
    The parents of Maria de los Reyes Vialpando are Juan de los Reyes Vialpando and Maria de la Trinidad Garcia

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    This could be your Duran family:

    1870 Census Cucharas, Huerfano, Colorado 6 AUG 1870
    Household #91
    Duran, Manuel - 26|Farmer|NM
    Duran, Ma. Librada - 20|Housekeeper|NM
    Duran, Ma. Liandra - 1|CO
    Herrera, Silvestri - 65|NM
    NOTE: Maria Librada's surname could be Herrera.

    1885 Census Huerfano, Colorado District 2 1 JUN 1885
    Household #56
    Duran, J. Manuel - 44|Farmer|NM
    Duran, Maria L. - 31|Wife|Keeps House|NM
    Duran, Leandra - 16|Dau|NM
    Duran, Maria C. - 13|Dau|CO
    Duran, Jose _nbus - 10|Son|CO

    1900 Huerfano, Colorado Precinct 8 14 JUN 1900
    Household #417
    Duran, Manuel - 61|Head|JAN|1839|61|*33|NM|Day Laborer
    Duran, Librada - 46|Wife|MAY|1854|46|*33|**4-**3|NM
    Martinez, Encarnacion - 11|Granddaughter|MAR|1889|11|CO|Student
    *Number of Years Married
    **Number of Births - **Number Living

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    Huerfano County, Colorado - Marriages

    Groom: Martinez, Jose de la Luz - Residence: Cucharas - Bride: Duran, Leonidas Residence: Cucharas -Date: 11-14-1886 - Grooms Parents: Geronimo Martinez, Reyes Vialpando - Brides Parents: Manuel Duran, Librada Deherrera - Witnesses: Leandro Cordova, Cecilia Romero - Notes: n/e - Source: St. Marys

    Huerfano County, Colorado - St. Mary's Baptisms (Partial)

    Duran, Jose Sabas born 12-15-1874, male, baptism 12-25-1874 - Father: Manuel Duran Mother: Librada Deherrera; Godfather: Jesus Gutierrez - Godmother: Estefana Vallejos

    Duran, Maria del Carmel born 8-16-1871, female, 8-20-1871 - Father: Manuel Duran; Mother: Maria Librada Deherrera - Godfather: Felipe Deaguero; Godmother: Maria Marcelina Romero.

    Huerfano County, Colorado - Marriages

    Groom: Vallejos, Estanislado; Residence: Cucharas; Bride: Duran, Maria Carmen; Residence: Cucharas; Date: 12-15-1890; Grooms Parents: Miguel Antonio Vallejo and Paula Martinez; Brides Parents: Manuel Duran and Librada Deherrera; Witnesses: Juan Cruz Vallejos and Teodora Gomez; Source: St. Mary's

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    Amazing, thanks for your efforts Pat and Dodie!!!

    Guillermo Martinez (my great grandfather) was born, April 17, 1897 in Colorado and died of pneumonia on September 25, 1936 in Delagua, Colorado. He married Eufracia Abeyta who was born March 15, 1908. *Eufracia just celebrated her 100th birthday!

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    Tim, Guillermo Martinez of Delagua died 9/25/1936 at the Trinidad hospital. He was 39 years old. Survived by his wife Eufracia; children Agnes, Isabelle, Frances, Louis and Andrew Martinez; sisters Maclovia Martinez, Encarnacion Cozzie, Prestina Abrana, Margaret Sovaliada, Lola Martinez, and Manuelita Vigil; brothers Benito, Manuel, Max and Felix Martinez. Buried 9/27/1938 at Trujillo Creek cemetery. (Chronicle News 9/25/1936) Extracted Ted Rousses, Aurora CO. p. 112)


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    I was reading in Dodie's reply the names Estanislado Vallejos and Maria Duran. Those names are also in my family history.
    Estanislado Vallejos was half-brother to my great-grandfather Lazaro Vallejos. Here is what I have recorded:

    Estanislado Vallejos b. 186d d. 1902
    Married: Maria Duran
    1. Pauline Vallejos
    2. Getrudis Vallejos
    3. Mucio Vallejos

    For others interested, I have Estanislado's sibling information to include spouse and known children.

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    Obituary notice for Estanislado Vallejos - THROWN FROM HORSE, AND DIED FROM EFFECTS - Stanislaus Vallejos of Cucharas, aged about 40 years died at the home of his parents on Saturday night. He was for years well known to this community. On Friday last he was training a bronco for a neighbor. He put the spurs to the animal when it began to buck and fell throwing Vallejos, a tall, heavy man, to the ground head foremost. He was picked up unconscious and the report was current all day Saturday that he had broken his neck and was dying. But Dr. Mathew, who attended him said his neck was not broken but that his skull was badly fractured. He never recovered consciousness from the time he was thrown till he died. A strange fatility seems to pursue the sons of this family. In 1898 Jacobo Vallejos, a brother, and popular young fellow, while acting as salesman and cashier in Mr. Stevens' store at Cucharas was murdered by thieves late at night. Dick Manley, who had killed a man at the same place some years before, just before his death a few years ago, confessed that he had killed Jacobo. A little more than two years ago Mucio Vallejos, another brother, was killed in a fracas at a Mexican dance by another Mexican, also near the plaza of Cucharas. Juan, who was at one time County Assessor, and who was nominated last year by the democrats for Sheriff, is the only survivor. THE WALSENBURG WORLD NEWSPAPER dated Thursday, March 06, 1902; front page.


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    Re: Jose De La Luz Martinez & Leandrita Duran-Martinez

    It is highly possible that I replied before (I am in my dotage) but Jose and Leandra had two other children that I know of, my mother Margaret, born in 1908 or 1910, and her younger brother Felix, and I have no clue as to his date of birth, I find it hard to believe that they had children at such a late date.
    I have dim memories but I do remember my grandmother Leandrita or Leandra, she was a very mean woman.

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    Re: Jose De La Luz Martinez & Leandrita Duran-Martinez

    1930 Denver, Denver, Colorado 12 APR 1930
    Lived on 29th Street
    HH #1129
    Martinez, Lenndrita (reads Leandrita)|Head|61|WD|CO|NM|NM
    Martinez, Prestina|Dau|3|CO|Single
    Martinez, Aseriana (reads Aberiana)|Dau|CO|Single
    Martinez, Manuel|Son|25|CO|Single|Laborer|Steam Railroad
    Martinez, Max|Son|23|CO|Single|Laborer|Steam Railroad
    Martinez, Felix|Son|18|CO|Single|Baker|Pies
    Loyd, Sophie M.|Dau|28|22|CO|Housekeeper|Private Family
    Loyd, Manuel|Son-in-law|29|23|Mexico|Mexico|Mexico|Laborer|Steam Railroad
    Vigel, Carrie|Granddaughter|9|CO|CO|CO

    1920 Cucharas, Huerfano, Colorado 13-14-15 JAN 1920
    HH #10-8
    Martinez, Henrettia (hard to read)|Head|51|WD|CO
    Martinez, Incanacion|Dau|28|CO
    Martinez, Benito|Son|26|CO
    Martinez, Prestinia|Dau|21|CO|House Work|At Home
    Martinez, Aberiana|Dau|20|CO
    Martinez, Soverida|Dau|18|CO
    Martinez, Manuel|Son|15|CO
    Martinez, Margarita|Dau|11|CO
    Martinez, Felix|Son|8|CO abt. 1912

    1910 Census Trujillo Creek, Las Animas, Colorado 19 APR 1910
    HH #25-31
    NOTE: Surname reads Martinez-translated as Matricez
    Matricez, Jose L.|Head|54|NM|NM|NM|Farmer
    Matricez, Leandra|Wife|41|CO|NM|NM|NM
    Matricez, Enearnacion(reads Encarnacion) |Dau|21|CO
    Matricez, Perestinia|Dau|18|CO
    Matricez, Benito|Son|16|
    Matricez, Guillermo|Son|12|
    Matricez, McCruz (reads Ma. Cruz)|Dau|11|CO
    Matricez, Averiana|Dau|10|CO
    Matricez, Sobeida|Dau|8|CO
    Matricez, Manuel|Son|5|CO
    Matricez, Maximo|Son|3|CO
    Matricez, Margarita|Dau|11/12|CO abt. 1909

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