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Thread: KSPK News Update - Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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    KSPK News Update - Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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    Republican vice-presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was in Colorado Springs yesterday asking supporters to send presidential candidate John McCain on ‚€œone more mission‚€Ě, telling voters that time is short. Palin spoke in a packed hanger at the Colorado Springs Airport. Palin appeared at the rally with country singer Hank Williams Jr., who sang the national anthem. She then told the crowd that Barack Obama is out of touch with small businesses and predicted his tax plan would be ruinous, taxing businesses at the expense of the economy. Palin has campaigned frequently in Colorado, whose nine electoral votes could be pivotal in a close election. Her visits include appearing in Englewood on October 4th and in Colorado Springs on October 20th. McCain plans to visit Grand Junction today. Polls indicated that McCain is trailing in Colorado, but the GOP says the state could potentially swing to McCain. Colorado has chosen democratic presidents just three times since 1948.

    The water trial taking place in Alamosa entered its second week yesterday with attorneys for the state engineer and Rio Grande Water Conservation District wrapping up their side of the testimony. The water trial is in regards to the San Luis Valley‚€™s first water sub-district management plan in an area of the valley known as the closed basin. Newly appointed deputy state engineer Michael Sullivan, who is also still serving as the division engineer for the Rio Grande Basin, was on the stand yesterday. Following the state‚€™s witnesses, those objecting to the management plan will call their witnesses. The stated goals of the sub-district are to reduce or eliminate injuries to senior surface water rights, restore the aquifer, and support the Rio Grande Compact. Sullivan testified that the sub-district‚€™s plan is an economic engine to generate funds to purchase water rights or take land out of production in order to recover or sustain the aquifer at a higher level then it is today and purchase water rights to compensate depletions to the river. The plan seeks to fallow up to 40,000 acres of land ‚€œto stop the bleeding‚€Ě, Sullivan said.

    Alamosa District Judge Pattie Swift yesterday sentenced Anissa Henry, 33, to three years in community corrections on a felony attempt to commit theft charge relating to a 2007 embezzlement from Splashland Hot Springs while she served there as the board president. Henry pled guilty to the charge in September, her 3rd felony. Judge Swift also imposed a concurrent 3-year community corrections sentence on Henry for violating probation in a 2004 felony forgery case. Judge swift said that she was concerned that Henry would take $7,000 in her position from a non-profit group that provided important recreational opportunities for people, especially for children.

    The vision of Dr. Norman Haug became a reality on Saturday when more than 300 people gathered for an opening prayer and remarks by Dr. Jon Peterson at the opening of the Rio Grande County Hospital Clinic. Dr. Haug died on May 6th of 2007, before his dream was complete. Stressing Dr. Haug‚€™s commitment to the community and his faith, Peterson reviewed how his own faith and friendship with Dr. Haug brought him to the valley. The clinic is now open to serve the people of Rio Grande County and the Ssn Luis Valley.

    Today is Election Day. Polls will be open until 7pm today and voters should go to their normal polling places to cast their vote. Remember that when you vote, you must provide a form of identification, such as a Colorado Driver‚€™s License or a utility bill. Voters may not wear pins, t-shirts, hats or other apparel that displays a preference for a candidate, political party or ballot question. If you have a mail-in ballot and have not completed or sent it in yet, do not mail it today. Instead, drop it by the county clerk‚€™s office in your county. Any mail-in ballots not received by 7pm tonight will not be counted. And, of course, we‚€™ll have election coverage for you right here on KSPK tonight beginning just after 7pm.
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