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Thread: Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Jamieson in train wreck

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    Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Jamieson in train wreck

    Missouri Pacific rr train wreck near Holden, Mo. on Dec. 3, 1904. Listed as injured were Mr. & Mrs. W. M. Jamieson of Trinidad, Co.
    I'm looking for information on this couple. Are they William and Cammie Jamieson who ran Jamieson Department Store? If so, I am interested in Trinidad newspaper coverage of the incident. Any direction is appreciated.
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    Chronicle News 12-4-04
    Kansas City, Sunday-The Missouri Pacific passenger train from St. Louis, due here at five-fifteen o'clock yesterday afternoon, was wrecked two miles east of Holden at four o'clock yesterday afternoon. Fifty-seven passengers were injured, a few of them so seriously that they may die.

    The train was fifteen minutes late and was running fast to make up time. It was flagged at Centerview, the first station west of Warrensburg, and it there received orders to run slow, it is said, over the Post Oak bridge between Centerview and Holden. In violation of this order, the train rushed down through the Post Oak valley at the rate of forty-five miles an hour. The engine and first baggage car went over the bridge all right, but just as they reached the other side there was a crash, and in a moment the remainder of the train, consisting of five coaches, were thrown in a heap. A rail on the bridge was broken or spread. Some of the coaches went into the bed of the creek and down a declivity of thirty or forty feet.

    Two of the victims of the wreck, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jamieson, are well known residents of Trinidad. Mr. Jamieson is the proprietor of the big Jamieson House Furnishing company and he and his wife were returning home from the world's fair. Mrs. Jamieson's mother and sister, Mrs. Gillette and Miss Gillette were accompanying them. Charles Black received a telegram yesterday morning from Mr. Jamieson, sent from Kansas City, stating that neither he nor his wife were dangerously injured. Mr. Jamieson escaped with a few bad cuts about the head, but Mrs. Jamieson had her collar bone broken. She is now in the hospital at Kansas City and will remain there until she recovers from the shock sufficiently to travel. They are expected home the latter part of the week."

    Chronicle News 12-4-04
    Mrs. Charles Rapp Was In Missouri Pacific Wreck, But Was Not Hurt At All

    Mrs. Charles Rapp returned this morning from an extended visit east. She was in the Missouri Pacific wreck at Holden, Missouri, Saturday afternoon, and was an occupant of the pullman car which rolled down a thirty-foot embankment. She sat directly in front of Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Jamieson, both of whom were severely injured. Mrs. Rapp, however, was not brused at all, though she was badly shaken up, and reached home quite worn out. She and one other lady were the only occupants of the car who escaped injury."


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