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Thread: Sheriff Jim Casis

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    Sheriff Jim Casis

    I have heard that Sheriff Jim Casis is very ill and in the hospital in a coma. Many years ago I worked at the Welfare Department with both Jim and his wife Evelyn. I haven't seen anything in the Forum about him and was just wondering if this is a fact. If so, does anyone know what happened and how he is doing? I would like to let Evelyn know that I'm thinking of her and praying for both her and Jim. Thanks.
    Albertine Joyce Beakley

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    This is what was in last thursday's KSPK.COM news. Maybe other forum members can add more.

    "Las Animas County Sheriff James Casias is no longer in a medically induced coma, however Casias does remain hospitalized in Denver, according to Las Animas County Under Sheriff Derek Navarette.
    The sheriff's health is reportedly improving daily. Navarette reported that doctors are pleased with Casias' progress and expect to release him in the near future. Medical staff has not released an official diagnosis of Casias' cause of illness. Casias was airlifted to a Denver hospital and has been in the induced coma since January 21st. Navarette will continue to fill in for the sheriff until Casias can return to work."

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    Sheriff returns home from hopsital to rehabilitate

    By Randy Woock
    Staff writer, The Times Independent

    Las Animas County Sheriff James Casias has been released from the Denver hospital he was transported to in January and was back at his Trinidad residence as of March 9, according to a statement released Thursday by the Las Animas County Sheriff's Department.

    Following a Jan. 21 collapse at his home, Casias had been airlifted from Mt. San Rafael Hospital to the Denver hospital for treatment. Since that day, Undersheriff Derek Navarette has assumed Casias' responsibilities at the department.

    The succession of responsibility in case of incapacity for a public official like the sheriff is governed by state statute. Under Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) 30-10-505, "...the undersheriff has the authority to act until another sheriff is either appointed or elected in the case of a vacancy."

    A previous department release stated that hospital officials had estimated that Casias would need a one-to-two-month intensive therapy regimen to help advance his recovery.

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