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Thread: Vigil's of Trinchera

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    Vigil's of Trinchera

    I'm looking for information on the Vigil family who lived in Trinchera.
    Moses (or Moises) Vigil b:24 Jun 1863 in Mora, NM d:Jan 1949 in Trinidad, Co
    Amelia Altigarcia Garcia b:11 Apr 1892 in Wagon Mound, NM d:5 Mar 1973 in Denver, Co.
    Alice b:3 or 4 Aug 1922 in Trinchera d:24 Oct 1998 in Denver, Co.
    Ophelia Juanita b:27 Dec 1924 in Trinchera (my mom)
    Mary Cecilia b:13 Oct 1926 in Trinchera
    Moses Leon b:21 Dec 1929 in Trinchera
    All children went to school in Branson.

    Looking for brothers and sisters of Moses (Sr.) or any info at all.
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    My name is Rose and and a friend that is doing a family reunion noticed your posting and told me about it.

    I was born in Trinidad and my father is Eusebio J. Vigil a Ute born in Trinchera in 1911. His father's name (I believe ) was Ignacio Vigil. I have some genealogy papers that my sister worked on. Any connection? Also do you know a Joe Vigil from Antonito, Co. My sister got a call from him through a lady called "Milky" and he is looking for a Russell Vigil.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
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