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Thread: Drop City

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    Drop City

    Here is a link to an awesome article from the Denver Post about Drop City. There is to be a slide presentation/film Sunday 6/21 at the Lucky Monkey from 4pm to 7 and it is free. Here is the link [8D] the place for all things computer

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    One of Cardo's art work was of Drop City. It would be nice if someone could print it out & present it when they have the film showing then.

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    Char, he would have liked that as he did spend time out at Drop City. As an Artist he had similar interests with the people out at Drop City. I can remember going out there with him several times.

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    I was a social worker when drop city first started. The residents applied for food stamps and other benefits which many people resented. The original members were extremely intellectual, no drugs,trying to live an ideal life. Once I said I liked a necklace and it was immediately given to me. In acouple of years the originals moved to a closed community in Tennessee I think. There was also alot of talk when Peter Rabbit legally changed his name. The domes are even pictured in many architectual books. Pretty neat stuff!

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