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Thread: bruno/romero/aragon/sisneros in Trinidad...

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    bruno/romero/aragon/sisneros in Trinidad...

    looking for the family of Rafael Romero and Maria Aragon, including Vicente Romero Sisneros and Augustin Sisneros.

    1880: Rafael and Maria in the Las Animas census, both born NM

    1900: Maria is *widowed* with the following children, living on E. 1st street in Trinidad

    Pirfina 22 (the census is hard to read, this may not be right)
    Castia 13 (again, spelling...)
    Benita 12 (on the census is says Bentia) might have married a Gonzales
    Deluvina 10 (census says Rowena - Deluvina later married Calletano Pareida)
    Santos 9 (married William Bruno in 1906)
    Carmen 5 (son)

    Baptismal records state that a son named Vicente was born to Rafael and Maria in August of 1888 (he'd be between Benita - born in Jan of 1888- and Deluvina - that was quick...). That baptismal record also notes that he changed his name in 1940, legally, to Sisneros. In Vicente's marriage record, in 1914, he states that his father is Augustin Sisneros and his mother is Maria Aragon.

    1906: Vicente wrote a letter, using the name Vicente Romero, allowing Santos Romero to marry William Bruno, stated that Maria was dead and he was Santos's brother and guardian. So he was, in fact, part of this family.

    1910: Vicente is living in Trinidad, Upper San Miguel, with sister (?) it's hard to read, and brother Carmilo, all listed with last name Sisneros. Augustin Sisneros is living nearby on San Ignacio Road, with neice Nestoria (18) and nephew Nestor who's about 1.

    1917: William Bruno kills Santos and the kids are farmed out to family. I'm not sure what impact this had on the family but...

    1920: the daughters of William and Santos Romero Bruno (Mary Bruno and her sister Angeline) are living with Mary Gonzales (36?) in Trinidad, and are listed as nieces. (Mary told her daughter about her aunt and being raised in Trinidad...). Mary lived in Trinidad until about 1928.

    There were other brothers: Benny and Julian - I haven't been able to find them in 1920. Julian (also known to use the alias 'Frank Lopez') died in Trinidad in the 60's.

    Also in 1920, Deluvina is in Denver with her family plus a person in the house who is *father in law* to head of household, and who's name is 'Raphael L***' - it could be Loman, L**se, I can't read it. It makes me wonder if Rafael left Maria when he learned that Vicente had a different father...went off and changed his name, or whatever...

    1930: Mary Bruno married a Marques, she died about 1943 in Littleton Co, maybe in an asylum or as a result of suicide. No fact on that except she died somewhere around there. Someone might remember something?

    we'd like to know anything about these Romero's, Marie Aragon and Vicente Sisneros, even William Bruno - anyone who might have info on this family. I have lots of other little details - will post if it will help.

    note: the Brunos were Mulatto - the father Charles was Black, born in MO in 1847, Alvina the mother was Mexican, born about 1860 in Chihuahua Mex. The lived in Trinidad for a few years, at least. I don't know much about the African American population in Trinidad back then - maybe someone knows of records from churches, cemeteries, etc.

    thanks for reading my short book,
    I have some more little details if it would help.
    thanks for any info.
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    Re: bruno/romero/aragon/sisneros in Trinidad...

    Hi Juanita it is Charlene! I wanted you to know that I posted the headstone pictures and information for the Romero's that I happened upon when I was in Trinidad at the cemetary. Hope that there is something you can use. I also saw a Bruno name in the background of one of my headstone pictures.

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