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Thread: Moving to Trinidad - questions

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    Moving to Trinidad - questions

    My hubby Joe and I (Diana) are strongly considering moving to the Trinidad area in a couple of years. Naturally, we have tons of questions. Currently, we live in Tennessee. One of the questions we'd like to ask you all is:

    What makes Trinidad a liveable?
    Why would we really want to move there?

    We have 4 large dogs, 4 horses and currently 6 cats - all animals are rescues.

    Sure would love lots of help here - lots of opinions, too.

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    Re: Moving to Trinidad - questions

    If you are going to move you then you should come with your own money or a way to make it. There are really NO major jobs here available. I do love it here. It is quiet and I think safe. People tend to mind their own business and there are a wide variety of personalities here. It is small town America. the place for all things computer

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    Re: Moving to Trinidad - questions

    Diana, In my opinion, Trinidad is one of the most awesome small towns I've ever seen. There is a lot of beautiful architecture on Main Street & around the town, both public & private buildings. It has all the daily-type stores you need for home & farm & Pueblo is not too far north (they have all the bigger stores). And, the area is great. You've got the flat lands to the east, the beautiful mountains to the west. A variety of activities are available: museums, arts, cool shops to browse through, fishing, boating, horse-back riding (or plenty of space for your own horse riding), hiking, lots of good photo opts. The people in the area are fantastic. They watch out for each other & actually care about their neighbors. When you walk into a restaurant, you get that "Cheers" feeling (everybody knows your name) feel truely welcome. But, yeah, jobs are scarce; you pretty much need your own source of income. My parents lived west of town for quite a few years. Dad passed away & Mom fell ill so she now lives in the Denver area with me. But I have a lot of wonderful memories of all the time I spent in Trinidad over the years. I would love to live there someday...perhaps in Mom & Dad's old house. Good luck with your future plans.

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