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Thread: March 19, 2004

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    March 19, 2004

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    Colorado Lawmakers said yesterday that the would take another look at the state parks budget. Lawmakers said that they have received numerous calls and emails after the parks division warned the public that there would be possible park closures as a result of the preliminary budget numbers. Lawmakers scolded state officials yesterday, saying that the same warning had not been given to them. The joint budget committee had cut the state‚€™s portion of the parks budget from $6 million to $2.9 million. Just how much the state parks department would have to get to avoid closing parks was not revealed. The JBC asked the parks department to detail what kind of closures would take place under several different budget scenarios. Only about 20% of the park system budget comes from the state of Colorado. The remaining 80% or so comes from entrance fees.

    Pueblo County Commissioners yesterday decided yesterday by a vote of 2-1 not to force two Colorado City companies to pay up front for future improvements. The Colorado City Metropolitan District Board told commissioners that it wasn‚€™t fair to charge CSS potato farms and plasma cam a total of $125,000 for the road‚€™s eventual rebuilding cost of $650,000. The Colorado City Board told commissioners that Graneros Road doesn‚€™t need improvement currently and is used by lots of cars and trucks that are passing through the industrial park. They said that the road is a county road and that the county should use property tax money to improve it, if and when that improvement is necessary. The Colorado City board told commissioners that holding up building and occupancy permits for the companies would only force them to move elsewhere and scare away future incoming businesses.

    Mike Miles, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, toured the San Luis Valley and Southern Colorado yesterday looking for support for his senate seat bid. Miles said that America has some serious challenges and he said that we need to solve them in ways that serve the common good. Miles, who lives in Colorado Springs, said that he feels there are three important areas affecting Americans. They are education, jobs and health care. He said that he is an excellent candidate for the U.S. Senate because of his experience in the Military and diplomatic service. Miles said he feels the Invasion of Iraq was a mistake. He said that he feels that the United States should work with the world community to find solutions for Iraq.

    The San Luis Valley County Commissioners Association will meet on Monday at 9:30am at the Alamosa County Service Center at 8900 Independence Way in Alamosa. Dr. Bill Brinton will discuss epidemic planning in the valley. Other items up for discussion include the SLV Community Coalition, the annual fire operating plan of the Colorado State Forest Service, an update on the SLV Information Center and essential air service at the San Luis Valley Regional Airport.

    Beginning Monday, the City of Trinidad will close Commercial Street at the Cedar Street Intersection to allow for the removal of the temporary gravel base and to allow for the installation of a permanent concrete sub base and historic brick pavers. Access to all businesses in the area will be maintained throughout the project. Traffic will be directed to use Animas Street, College Street or Convent Street during the construction period. The intersection is expected to reopen within 10 days.
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