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Thread: Re: Salvatore Difatta Burial

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    Re: Salvatore Difatta Burial

    I am working on the Difatta branch on my Passarelli Family Tree and am confused my conficting information. I show Sam (Salvetore) Difatta as having died in Trinidad and having been buried in Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery,and then I see information that states he died in New Orleans and is buried in the Metairie Cemetery. Does anyone know if he was moved at some point? Also any other info on Salvetore (Sam) Difatta would be appreciated.

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    Re: Salvatore Difatta Burial

    I see that several trees on Ancestry are carrying the info that Salvetore aka Sam Difatta died 20 APR 1947in Louisiana. To me it looks like Salvatore DeFatta and Sam (Salvetore) Difatta are two different individuals. Your Sam Difatta died 28 JAN 1937; Trinidad.

    Louisiana Staewide Death Index, 1900-1949
    Salvatore DeFatta
    DOD: 20 APR 1947
    Age: 67 years
    Gender: Male
    Race: White or Mexican
    Parish: Caddo
    NOTE: There is a spelling difference on surname; Year of death is 1947; estimated date of birth would be 1880.

    Your Sam Difatta according to WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Name: Sam Difatta
    County: Las Animas
    State: Colorado
    DOB: 26 AUG 1888
    Sam Difatta - Residence 223 East Colo Ave Trinidad; Age: 38; DOB Aug 26, 1888; Nearest Relative:
    Mrs. Treasa Diffata.

    1940 Census Trinidad, Las Animas, Colorado
    ED 36-53 Page 14 223 Colorado
    Difatta, Teresa|Head|38|Widowed|CO
    Difatta, Josephine|Dau|21|Divorced|CO|Housekeeper|Private Home
    Difatta, Carmen|Dau|17|CO|Housekeeper|Private Home
    Difatta, Charlotte|Dau|16|CO
    Difatta, Charles|Son|13|CO
    Difatta, Peter|Son|10|CO
    Difatta, John|Son|8|CO
    Difatta, Samuel|Son|7|CO

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    Re: Salvatore Difatta Burial

    I am the granddaughter of Sam(Salvatore) Di Fatta. I am having much difficulty in finding information about my grandfather. I did find a Samuel Difatta in the US City Directories with an address on Kansas Av. in Trinidad. Would anyone know if this is correct?

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    Re: Salvatore Difatta Burial

    Yes, it is correct.

    U. S. City Directories, 1821-1989

    Teresa Difatti
    Residence Year: 1922
    Street Address: 722 Rio Alley; Trinidad
    Spouse: Saml Difatti

    Saml DiFatta
    Residence Year: 1924
    Street Address: 801 Rosita; Trinidad

    Saml Difatta
    Residence Year: 1926
    Street Address: 230 E. Kansas Ave; Trinidad
    Occupation: Lab
    Spouse: Teresa Difatta

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