I have been looking for the parents of Francisco Torres, born about 1850 in New Mexico, who married Juanita Martinez, born 1867 in New Mexico? They had 5 children, Tobias Torres, born 1885 in Colorado, Felix Torres, born 1887 in Colorado (my grandfather), Francisco Leopoldo Torres, born 1889 in Colorado (my godfather), Roberto Torres Garcia, born 1890 in Colorado, raised by a Garcia family, and last son, Amarante Torres born 1892.
I found the family on the 1900 US Census, living in Frizoles, Las Animas, Colorado.
I found a Francisco Torres on the 1870 US Census, born about 1853, living in Tome, New Mexico, son of Ignacio Torres and Justa Torres. Would you have any information on Ignacio and Justa? The census shows they had 4 other children, Candelaria, Paz, Pedro and Juana.
I was told a long time ago by my father all he knew about Francisco’s father was his name was Juan Torres, a name that can be applied to many people.
I guess the best thing is to find Francisco Torres and Juanita Martinez marriage information, but I can’t tell if they were married in Colorado or New Mexico.
Any information would be grateful.