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Thread: KSPK News Update - Wednesday, February 18, 2013

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    KSPK News Update - Monday, February 18, 2013

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    Democratic state representatives Leroy Garcia of Pueblo and Ed Vigil of Alamosa broke ranks with the majority of their party on Friday as Colorado’s House of Representatives gave initial approval to four proposed gun control measures. Garcia voted no on three of the measures, Vigil voted against all four. Final action on the measures is set for today. Garcia said he voted in favor of a bill that would expand background checks for gun purchasers because he thinks that this is one of the areas where there is a greater impact on the legislation decreasing the chance that criminals can get guns. Garcia and Vigil both voted no on measures that would prohibit high-capacity magazines and a new ban on concealed weapons on college campuses. They also voted against a bill that would charge gun buyers for background checks.

    A new survey being conducted by Colorado State University says that 80% of Colorado farmers and ranchers say there’s little chance that they’ll leave the agriculture industry as long as the drought ends in the near future. However, 45% of them say that they may leave if the dry conditions persist long term. Two percent of the nearly 400 surveyed say that they’ve sold land to help weather the dry conditions financially, according to CSU Professor James Pritchett, who is in the process of conducting the survey of Colorado’s farmers and ranchers. Pritchett last week shared the preliminary survey findings during the governor’s forum on Colorado agriculture. The survey will help provide a better understanding of the upcoming challenges that are being faced by the agricultural industry, according to Pritchett.

    Sasha Chacon, 23, of Alamosa, pled guilty on Thursday to first- degree assault in the heat of passion in the July stabbing of another Alamosa woman. Prosecutors dropped five other counts, including second-degree attempted murder, as part of the plea agreement. Authorities had accused Chacon of stabbing Alice Trujillo, who was 39 at the time, outside the victim’s home in the 900 block of 5th Street in Alamosa. According to police reports, Trujillo had given a ride to a man who was in a relationship with Chacon. While Trujillo and the man were still sitting in the vehicle, Chacon threw open the door and assaulted Trujillo. Trujillo suffered five stab wounds to her chest, neck and hands. Chacon will be sentenced on April 8th.

    12th Judicial District Judge Michael Gonzales on Friday heard arguments for and against the temporary release of Christina Jiron, 24, of Monte Vista, so that she can give birth to the baby that she is carrying while in jail. Jiron is 35 weeks pregnant, and has been held at the Alamosa jail on a $100,000 bond since last November. She and her co-defendant, Linndon Gallegos, 21, allegedly entered a house on 8th Street in Alamosa wearing ski masks and gloves last Halloween, and ordered the two occupants to the floor. The pair demanded prescription medications and cash and later struck one of the two women in the house in the back of her head with a handgun. They also took a cell phone, purse and a laptop computer. Jiron is charged with two counts of theft. She has not yet entered a plea. Judge Gonzales ultimately ruled against the request, based partly on the fact that Jiron was on parole when she and her boyfriend allegedly robbed the two Alamosa women.

    You’re invited to the monthly Trinidad and Las Animas County Chamber luncheon with Las Animas County Administrator Leeann Fabec presenting an address regarding the current state of Las Animas County this Wednesday, February 20th, at noon in the TSJC Pioneer Room. Cost is $12 per person. Please RSVP to the chamber by calling 719-846-9285.
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