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Thread: Trujillo Ancestral Family Research

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    Trujillo Ancestral Family Research

    My Grandparents where born in Trinidad, Grandmother Ameila Cruz Baca, nick name Mollie, and Grandfather Lewis Isador Ardus Trujillo, nick name Lolo. Grandma Mollie was born 5/3/1887 and grandpa was born 6/4/1892. Grandma Mollie parents were Pablo Baca from Trinidad
    and Her mother was Maria Prudencia Garcia also from Trinidad. They had 11 children, four of them were born in Denver and the rest were born in LA. My Grandfather's parents is a little more sketchy, all I know is my Grandfather's Father name was Lewis Trujillo, born 1817 from Denver. His Wife name was Garcia, that all I know. I wish I knew more about them. Any information would be warmly welcomed. I have alot of information on the Baca side of the family thanks to my Cousin Sally Carreon.
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