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Thread: Who is my Father?

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    Who is my Father?

    I am Loyola M Banks, my maiden name is Loyola Marie Romero, my (real mother) who left me with my aunt and uncle (Joe and Lucy Romero still of Trinidad)in 1952. I only have a delayed birth certificate, as I was born in my grandmothers house, in La veta, Colorado. What Joe Romero did to me (even though he had the role of Father) from age 6 and until age 35, is another story, and since I have forgiven him, will not be talked about here. Thank God! for my wonderful husband Bruce, who rescued me from that horror! We have been married for 18 wonderful years now and I am finally free! He truly is my "Knight in shinning armor" My biological Mother (MaryLou Griego) also of La Veta, Trinidad area was dating a man around 1950 to 1951 who was or could be my biological father. MaryLou states that he date raped her and I was the by-product. However, she will not tell me who this man is! She says that it is "none of my business!"
    I have spent years crying many hours, not knowing who my Real Father is! I so very much want to know who he is and if he is still alive.
    I have tried to no avail, to get my mother to tell me who he is! So I am hoping that maybe someone in the Trinidad area, may have known my mother during that time period and might be able to tell me if they might know who this man is. I did see a picture of my mother sitting on the lap of a man who seemed to be either Latin or Italian. He was wearing an Army uniform and I was told by my aunt that his name may have been Martinez. If he was my father, no one knows, he may have just been dating her and nothing else. This information has gotten me nowhere. This is really an impossible task and really only a prayer! on my part. Any help you may be able to give me would be appreciated.
    I am really still that trusting little girl with my "arms raised up" wanting to be loved and nurtured my my real "Father" [?]

    Thanks Loyola (Lee) Greigo/Romero/Banks

    P.S. I may be reached at my email address ([email protected]) and we are listed in the Las Vegas (702) area code phone book under Bruce Banks or you can write to me @ snail mail address: 4922 Mascaro Dr.
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89122
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    Loyola (Lee) Greigo/Romero/Banks

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