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Thread: Wednesday - October 6, 2004

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    Wednesday - October 6, 2004

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    The race for the Third Congressional District Seat between Democrat John Salazar and Republican Greg Walcher is getting more heated as the campaign heads for November. Walcher says that Salazar is too liberal for the district. But Salazar claims in an interview with KSPK that he has differences with Walcher and that he‚€™s a moderate not a liberal. Salazar claims that Walcher was part of the attempt to pass Referendum ‚€œA‚€� which would have taken water out of the San Luis Valley. Walcher disagrees with that assumption. Salazar says he‚€™s a farmer trying to make things better. The 3rd District takes in 29 counties in Colorado.

    Alamosa District Judge Pattie Swift yesterday added 18 months to the prison term of Jason Eric Robins, 24, after Robins entered a ‚€œplea of convenience‚€� to the conspiracy stemming from incidents last July while he was awaiting sentencing on a menacing conviction. Robins was sentenced earlier to four years in prison for menacing. That charge arose while Robins was on probation for another felony conviction in El Paso County. Robins‚€™ attorney told Swift that Robins wants to be rehabilitated and that the additional 18-month sentence will only embitter the young man. Robins was part of a plot in the Alamosa County Jail to free John E. Olmstead, 19, from jail with a handcuff key that had been found by another inmate who had sold it to yet another inmate.

    3rd Judicial District Attorney Frank Ruybalid is once again experiencing money problems. Ruybalid‚€™s Walsenburg staff was reportedly unable to cash their paychecks that were issued last Thursday on the day that they were issued. Ruybalid said that the problem was that funds hadn‚€™t been transferred from his business account to the payroll account. The employees were able to cash their checks in Trinidad on Friday. Ruybalid said that his payroll is still very tight even after an employee was laid off and the D.A.‚€™s office switched to a cheaper health care plan.

    San Luis Valley County Clerks have reported a higher volume of people registering to vote before the deadline for registering the past Monday. Representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties have stepped up their efforts to register people to vote as recent polls show a possible close election this year. However, it is also typical to have a high volume of people registering to vote for a presidential election.

    John Fielder, a nationally renowned photographer, will be in La Veta on Saturday. Fielder will be honored at a reception from 5 to 7pm at the Francisco Center for the Performing Arts. Admission is $15. Then, from 7 to 9pm, fielder will present a slide show of his latest book entitled ‚€œMountain Ranges in Colorado‚€�, at the La Veta High School Gym. Tickets are $10, $5 for students. For more information, call 742-5578.
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