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Thread: Malone's of Trinidad & Las Animas County

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    Malone's of Trinidad & Las Animas County


    We are direct descendents of Aldophus/Aldopheus "Doc" Malone who lived in Trinidad and Las Animas County @1860(?) until (possibly) his death. We have little information on his wife other than her first name may have been Margaret or Barbara.

    "Doc" Malone's wife was born in New Mexico, date unknown. Doc and his wife had at least five (5) children, three sons and two daughters. We are descended from their daughter Sophia Malone who was born @1885.

    Sophia Malone married Richard Fields Hoff in Trinidad and they moved with her brothers into Oklahoma Territory. The brothers moved to the area around Tulsa and Richard and Sophia eventually moved to Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma where both died; Sophia in 1953 and Richard in 1961. Sophia and Richard are buried at the Summitt View Cemetery in Guthrie.

    They have two surviving sons, David "Dave" and Henry who live in Guthrie. Any information on the Malones of Las Animas County and Trinidad would be greatfully appreciated.:)
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    Perhaps this will help some?
    1870 Colorado census shows this for your Malone's:
    Malone,Adolpheus-age 30;born VA;farmer
    wife-Barbara-age 20;born NM
    son-William-age 5;born CO
    daughter-Ellen-age 2;born CO
    son-James-age 7mo.;born CO
    they are shown to be living in "the Valley of the Purgatorie River and it's tributaries East of Trinidad.
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    Please reply to [email protected] about Malones.

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