Visit Trinidad Colorado

Come explore Trinidad Colorado and you will find a hidden jewel here in Southern Colorado along one of the most beautiful and scenic drives in Colorado called the Highway of Legends. Trinidad Colorado has a population of about 10-12,000 and is located approximately 15 miles north of the New Mexico border and about 80 miles south of Pueblo on Interstate 25.

Victorian Homes

Trinidad Colorado is almost half way in between Denver and Albuquerque and also Colorado Springs and Santa Fe and very easy to get to. Most people know it as a fuel or eating stop along the way but what you will miss traveling down the Interstate is the local charm of one of the most interesting old western towns in Colorado.

Boasting one of the largest collections of old Victorian style homes west of the Mississippi, Trinidad is unique in its architecture and history.

Old West Legends

The old West Legends live on in Trinidad, Walsenburg and this part of Southern Colorado! Las Animas County Colorado is one of the largest counties in the USA consisting of approximately 4,800 square miles with about 80 percent of the land east of the Interstate and about 80 percent of the residents living west of the Interstate. Affordable mountain property and real estate has been one of the biggest attractions bringing people from all over the US to purchase their retirement property here in Southern Colorado.

Coal Mining and Family History

The History of this area is written in the lives of the many people who settled this beautiful mountain area and they created the interesting history that makes Trinidad Colorado what it is today.

Many families settled here over 100 years ago and their families still call this area home. Come learn about their family history and how they came to live here as they share their Interesting Stories online here! Trinidad's Century Families and their Local History Stories And we also have a very active Genealogy Forum where you might just find realitives if you have family from here.