Trinidad Colorado – Cowboys, Transsexuals and Size 12 Pumps?

What the heck?  Are you kidding? Certainly you can’t be serious!

Seems there are some movie makers that may know a lot more about Transsexuals than they do about our town, Trinidad Colorado

Here is a comment about a new film titled Trinidad Colorado

What was the inspiration for this film?

PJ and Jay: We actually first learned about Trinidad at a friend’s dinner party, from a woman who had just passed through this small town in Colorado that was known as “the sex change capital of the world.” She said it was a town filled with cowboys and transsexuals, that it had lots of women’s clothing stores that carried things like size 12 pumps, and that it was a place where people arrived men and left women. We along with everyone at the table just couldn’t believe this was true.

Personally I have been here since 1994 or so and have only known a few people that had made the switch and neither of them live here now but certainly a few people that have made the change may live here.

So what they are really saying is that every other resident of Trinidad either looks like a Cowboy or a Transsexual. Guess we had better all start wearing Cowboy Hats and size 12 Cowboy Boots.

Are they talking about the same Trinidad Colorado? Size 12 pumps in Trinidad, are you serious?

I think that either I am totally out of touch and oblivious to these things or the now deceased Dr. Biber and Marci Bowers are really good at turning Transsexuals into Cowboys……certainly no disrespect to Dr. Biber or Marci Bowers as one can only respect their skills.

This ain’t no twilight zone folks and someone is either smoking something very illegal or are wearing rose colored glasses that turns everyone in Trinidad into looking like either a Transsexual or a Cowboy, an neither is the truth.

Listen I personally have no problems with anyone changing their gender if that is what they want to do. What I do have a problem with is someone trying to make our wonderful little town sound like its filled with just Transsexuals and Cowboys. Our town and its residents are much more diverse and unique than this label and description. I guess that is why they call it Movie Making…..

That certainly isn’t the Trinidad Colorado that I know. Maybe someone needs to make a movie about the real non fictional Trinidad Colorado.

What about you? Tell us about the Trinidad that you know.

Post your comment below.

Will Colorado’s Oil and Gas Commission coddle an industry, or protect our air, water and wildlife

Will Colorado’s Oil and Gas Commission coddle an industry, or protect our air, water and wildlife for when the boom goes bust?

On Monday, I waited for two hours to put in my two cents before the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission. I spoke in support of their efforts to adopt modest proposals to protect air, water, wildlife, and communities from the coming 22,000+ oil wells slated to be drilled here in the coming two decades.

In line just ahead of me, a young man told a compelling story. He grew up in Trinidad, Colorado, a small town a dozen miles north of the New Mexico border. When coal mines in the area went bust, he said, life in Trinidad got hard. A natural gas boom in the last decade had breathed new life into the area, and gave him a good paying job. He worried that the Commission’s proposed rules would drive the gas industry out and turn Trinidad into a “ghost town.”

Turning Trinidad into a ghost town is no one’s favored outcome. But this man’s story is not the whole story for several reasons.

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Uranium Found In Soil At Pinon Canyon

From an article from Denver Channel 7 News website

Democratic state Rep. Wes McKinley collected samples from a recent visit to Pinon Canyon and had them analyzed by a lab. McKinley said the samples showed uranium levels as high as 60 parts per million. State regulations require a cleanup if uranium levels are above 20 parts per million

He said he wants the state health department to investigate and to demand a federal cleanup.

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Sangre de Cristo Mountains – Panoramic Photo

We were out showing one of our new Trinidad Pro Shed Camping Cabins that we put on Tract 8 at Plaza de la Vista Ranch and it was such a beautiful day that we stopped to take this photo of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range near Weston Colorado. We hope you enjoy it.

Charlie and Barb

Adobe Gold Properties, LLC


Click on the thumbnail photo to see the larger version

Photo of the Sangre de Cristos taken by Adobe Gold Properties

Support of Common-Sense Protections for Colorado’s Water, Wildlife and Communities

Add your voice in Support of Common-Sense Protections for Colorado’s Water, Wildlife and Communities

Please join us at the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission public hearing in Grand Junction on June 10th.
There is a record-setting oil and gas boom in Colorado that is threatening our water quality, wildlife habitat and communities. The state agency which oversees oil and gas drilling in Colorado, is in the midst of updating decade old environmental protections for Colorado’s air, water and wildlife. The draft rules are a good start but need to be strengthened!

This is the only opportunity on the Western Slope to publicly address the oil and gas commission and ensure that oil and gas drilling does not hurt our water, wildlife and communities.  Please join members of the conservation community at the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission public hearing in Grand Junction on June 10th

Come early to ensure you get a chance to speak in favor of strong new protections for water, wildlife and our communities!

Members of conservation groups will be gathering outside Two Rivers Convention Center starting at 7:30am. Look for our tent out front!

Oil and Gas Public Hearing 8:30-5pm
Two Rivers Convention Center
159 Main St.
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: 970-245-0031
Link to the map:

Join members of the Colorado conservation community before the oil and gas commission hearing.  Breakfast and Coffee will be served starting at 7:30!

We will also be holding a press conference at 11:30 with landowners and other parties that have been affected by oil and gas drilling.

Lunch will be served immediately after the press conference for all in attendance!

We look forward to seeing you on June 10!

Energy Firms Send Mixed Messages

Investors told of riches, public of rule hardships

Monday, June 2, 2008


Energy companies are bullish on Colorado’s future, at least when speaking to investors and business audiences.

But oil and gas firms often sound a worried note when talking to regulators and the public.

Why the mixed message?

It’s a reflection of the energy boom on one hand and the prospect of tougher state-imposed drilling rules on the other.

The message to the corporate and investor world is that Colorado has a bonanza of energy riches that’s ready to be harvested. The message to the state and the public is that the proposed rules are so onerous that companies might have to reduce drilling, cut investment, even possibly take their rigs and go elsewhere.

Industry officials see no contradiction; critics see a good deal of spin.

The issue arises against the backdrop of an unprecedented rush for energy in Colorado, where applications for permits to drill have tripled – to beyond 6,000 a year – since 2003.

That surge in activity has sparked a backlash in some areas, where complaints about drilling’s impacts on roads, wildlife and scenery have led the state to draft tougher environmental rules for the industry.

"I’ve been working on oil and gas policy now for 20 years in Colorado and across the country, and every single time we have tried to get a new regulation or a new law passed, industry’s always had the same response: It will simply cost us too much money and we’ll have to leave the state," said Gwen Lachelt of the watchdog group Oil and Gas Accountability Project in Durango.

The companies, Lachelt notes, are still here and doing better than ever, particularly as prices for oil skyrocket and natural gas increases as more pipelines open access to more U.S. gas markets.

Defending the message

Industry officials, however, defend the mixed messages, arguing they’re an accurate reflection of reality: The companies are upbeat about Colorado, but worried that overly stringent rules will limit the pace of development.


There is more to this article


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Trinidad Colorado – The Movie?

 The film chronicles Trinidad, Colorado’s transformation from Wild West outpost and "Victorian Jewel of Southern Colorado" to "Sex Change Capital of the World," and follows three transgender women who may just steer the rural ranching town (pop. 9,077) toward becoming the "transsexual mecca."

TRINIDAD will ‘officially’ premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival in mid-June, but we get a special sneak peak at all the controversy surrounding this small locally-produced doc because the filmmakers are Austinites and they need our help! Proceeds from this screening will help filmmakers PJ Raval and Jay Hodges cover finishing costs before the big premiere in LA! Just imagine….’Made possible by contributions from viewers like YOU!’

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