Fear that Gas Fracking and Water Disposal Triggered Earthquake Swarms

Officials and local residents are concerned that Gas Well Fracking and Deep Water Disposal/Injection might be the cause of the recent Earthquake Swarm as well as the one in Aug/Sep of 2011.

The State of Arkansas also recently put an Emergency Moritorium on Fracking to determine if a recent swarm of earthquakes was triggered by oil and gas activities.

Read this article here on The Colorado Independent News site “Past earthquakes in southern Colorado studied for links to gas fracking, water disposal”

In this area the swarm of earthquakes have been located and pinpointed very close to the main deep injection well near Cokedale and Valdez, west of Trinidad Colorado in Las Animas County.

How do you feel about this? Do you think there is a connection?


An article that may be of great interest is the USGS Investigation of an Earthquake Swarm Near Trinidad, Colorado, August-October 2001.

Although the USGS came to the conclusion, after that 12-earthquake event, that the water injection was NOT responsible for the earthquakes, I invite you to look at the maps in Section III, Subsections A (Locations of the 12 earthquakes being investigated) and in Section III, Subsection C (Locations of the 10 fluid disposal wells in operation at that time). To me, they appear to be almost a layover of each other.

Courtney Ross

Another article that may be of great interest (concerning the Arkansas earthquakes) is:

Lawrence Bengal; chairman of Arkansas Dept of Environmental Quality, said the following:

“The decision we made is basically based on the fact that you just can’t put the citizens of the state of Arkansas at risk,” said Commissioner Mike Davis. He noted that there was not hard scientific evidence confirming the correlation, but said the possible risk was too great.

“This was a decision that I personally made more with my heart than my head.”

After the March 2nd shut down of injection wells in Arkansas, there were still over 1600 measured seismic events before July 1st.

Ann Martin

There is enough natural gas in the U.S. to last 100 plus years,but the American people would rather continue to depend on the middle east to supply them than to take advantage of what is just below the surface.Why because it might inconvince them,so they continue to let foriegn countries call the shots.


Ann, yes you are most likely correct but the issue here is that Methane Gas well drilling removes ground water and they are deep injecting that water to dispose of it and it could be causing our local earthquakes just like it did in other areas of the US.

Those commercials that you see on TV where they say “we drill down below the ground water and seal the holes with concrete doesn’t apply here as they are drilling gas wells in that 500-1200 foot deep range where our drinking water comes from. So no only are they removing our ground water and affecting our drinking water they are deep injecting much of that water and possibly causing earthquake swarms.

So just knowing what is going on in this area I would think that they are doing just as much damage in other areas too. So while I agree we should be self sufficient here in the US and not dependent on foreign sources it should not be at the expense of property owners and residents who are forced to prove that their water wells went dry because of Methane Gas well production near them. Take your gas but don’t pollute our water or take our drinking water, is what should be said in this case.

Big Money Oil and Gas has the responsibility to protect us and not just take the gas and run before everyone around the gas well drilling is affected. There has to be a win/win and right now it is a win/lose. So just drilling in the US is not the entire answer….Drilling Responsibly is!!

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