New Entertainment and Restaurant Coming to Trinidad Soon

Did you hear the good news? Well maybe you haven’t so I am hear to tell you some really good news. Rick Colander a local resident who moved here from the Denver area and settled here and built a home has decided to make a career change. This is good news for Trinidad because Rick has been playing music in a local Denver Band for many years and he felt that a local place for entertainment was something that we really needed. Well, maybe he really needs a place to play his music but hey we benefit from that too.

Full Restaurant, Full Bar, Live Entertainment Every Week

Scheduled to open between December 15th and 30th….we know how these things go so just know that they are working on opening as soon as possible.

Purgatorie on Elm

The new business is called Purgatorie and it is in one of the neatest old historic building around, the old Trinidad Train Station on Elm Street at 516 Elm Street. It will have a full Restaurant, Full Bar and Live Entertainment every week. Catering and Banquet by ” is provided by the Little Catering Company.

Their new website is at

Phone: 719-845-7450 Rick or 719-214-2856 Leona

Check out their Facebook page and give them a huge “Like”!

Pass the Word and tell all your friends so that we can support this new business.


Rick Colander

Well, we are now looking to open in January. Still have a stage to build, and cleaning the restaurant. Oyr Catering and Banquet will be opening around December 15th. A Little Catering Company will be ready to accept reservations for our new Conterence/Banquet room soon.

Thanks all,

Rick, Thanks for the update. I know you are anxious to open but also appreciate that you want to get everything right before you do, that is important. Best of Success! Keep us up to date on your progress and happenings.

Lila Romp

good luck maybe I’ll come to Trinidad and see your place.

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