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Thread: Juan Manuel Garcia and Lucia Vivian

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    Juan Manuel Garcia and Lucia Vivian

    [:I]I dont even know where to start being with the small information that I have. Juan and Lucia are my great g-parents which they had 3 children Mercedes Garcia Vivian and abigail and antonia. Mercedes is my mothers mom. Mercedes was born on Jan 6, 1921 and when she was 5 years old they traveled to Tanuato Michocan and never made it back. They killed my g-g-pa and my g-g-ma lost it and died. From what my g-ma would tell us she never saw her sisters ever again and she can only remember so much. She was born in Trinidad or Las Animas ( or she was baptised in Las Animas river) SO between 1900's -1926 they lived there. I really love to find if these people exsited so I can go visit with my mother and see where my g-ma and her parents were from. My moms family has just my brothers and sisters left. My mother which is not so young hasnt been able to see where her mothers birthplace was at. I know this would over joy her in tears and I would enjoy just seeing when I find where she was born and take her for some days. I really dont know how else to go about this and find more informations. I live near Los Angeles and all the 411 I could get is over there. If anyone knows of these traits please contact me.
    Thank You in advance,
    Angie Moreira[8D]
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