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Thread: anti-virus info

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    anti-virus info

    Im new here and I just thought this might be helpful. In addition to Norton and Mcaffee, there is AVG at, it is an excellent anti- virus program and is also free
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    Sewell, There are MANY programs that work as virus protection. Thank you for bringing it up. Virus protectors work through a variety of ways but as is often the case with humans the protector is just a virus itself that stops certain file types from running. I personally use and recommend that my clients use either Norton or preferably McAfee. Why you may ask? Mostly because they are the most studied and used. We know what makes them tick and how to coax Windows into working well with them as technicians. The important thing here is that everyone use something that works for them. EVERY user is different and has different problems and different needs.
    Thanks again for the post
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