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Thread: News Update / Friday - August 17, 2007

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    News Update / Friday - August 17, 2007

    Remember! Lock it on: KSPK-FM 103.5 & KSPK-TV Channel 34 in Trinidad

    Colorado‚€™s recent high school graduating class scored slightly lower than their peers across the nation on the ACT exam. The average ACT score for Colorado‚€™s 2007 graduates was 20.4, compared with the national average of 21.2. Colorado‚€™s average includes the scores of all 11th graders who took the state mandated test in the spring of 2006 and met the ACT graduating class criteria to be included in the 2007 scores. Nationally, the results demonstrated a slight increase in the composite score from last year, which was a 21.1 average. Improvements were also seen in all subject areas tested on the exam nationally. The four subjects tested on the ACT are English, math, reading and science. Each test is scored on a scale of 1 to 36, with the composite score consisting of the average of the four individual exams.

    The Alamosa City Council on Wednesday night unanimously voted to decline to pay its estimated $3.7 million share of a joint police/sheriff law enforcement administrative center and took the position that the proposed one-cent sales tax increase the county is seeking in November should pay for both the city and county portions of the new facility without any further financial participation from the city. The unanimous vote came following a failed tie vote on a motion to not go along with the county‚€™s proposal. Alamosa Mayor Faris Bervig said that the city has many building needs as well and the council would have a hard time justifying a $3.7 million expenditure for police space when there are so many other facilities that need to be addressed.

    The city of Raton, New Mexico, filed a complaint against TDC Engineering in Colfax County District Court in New Mexico on Wednesday. Attorneys for Raton say that drilling near the Chicorico Stream System could drastically hurt water quality and deplete the water source itself. The Chicorico Stream System supplies two-thirds of the city‚€™s drinking water. The city is seeking an injunction to stop any drilling preparations because the city owns the surface and water rights to the Chicorico Stream System. The city‚€™s complaint says, ‚€œThe city has determined that the coal bed methane drilling TDC intends to begin, and more particularly the de-watering of the coal seam, has a significant potential to cause substantial depletion of its water supply that would last for decades‚€Ě.

    The city of Alamosa re-instated a moratorium on Wednesday on development of the 1,350-acre Alamosa Ranch north of town. The city council, in a unanimous vote, moved to keep development off the city-owned ranch for one year or until a land-use plan can be devised for the ranch, whichever occurs first. The ranch had been considered a possible site for a recreational vehicle park in a study by the Alamosa Community Development Corporation following the end of a previous moratorium on development earlier this year.

    Police have identified Willis Clifton Sirk, Jr., 55, of Roswell, Georgia, as the man who committed suicide last Friday by jumping off the Royal Gorge Bridge. Sirk jumped off the 1,200-foot-high suspension bridge about 2:44pm last Friday. Police found Sirk‚€™s vehicle in the attraction‚€™s parking lot and a suicide note was inside the vehicle. Sirk was reportedly despondent and feeling alone.

    The Alamosa Board of County Commissioners yesterday announced their choice of Barry Shio****a for the county administrator‚€™s position that was vacated earlier this year by Herry Andrews. Shio****a is expected to begin work the first week of October. Shio****a, a former San Luis Valley resident, served as county administrator in Otero County for 27 years and has most recently been employed as county administrative officer in Siskiyou County, California.
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