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Thread: Duran Family

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    Duran Family

    Hi all, I am trying to find any history for Enrique and Jesusita Duran Who were my Greatgrand parents. They lived in Trinidad in the early 1900s Children where Sophia, Isabel, Mary, Cora, Josephine and Andy. Can any one help.
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    From what I understand Enrique and Jesusita Duran had a farm or ranch just out side of trinidad when my father was a young boy. 1940s ish. I am trying to find out more information on them. WHo there parents were? where they were born? It is posible that they were borin in New Mexico.

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    Hi, my name is Ernie and I believe I can help in your search.
    If your Cora is actually clorinda duran, I think she may have been married to my grandfather, jose jacobo cordova, and if I am correct,
    Josephine and andy were my padrinos. I am rather new at this so please forgive me if I don't use the correct protocol for the forum.
    Good luck with your search, Ernie

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    1920 Census Barela, Las Animas, Colorado 6 MAR 1920
    HH #69-76
    Lived on San Isidro Road
    Duran, Enwique (reads Enrique)|Head|47|NM|Laborer|Farm (1873)
    Duran, Wadeqesus (reads Ma. De Jesus)|Wife|41|CO (1879)
    Duran, Clorinda|Dau|15|CO
    Duran, Hatanga|Dau|13|CO
    Duran, Arincio (looks like Acencio}|Son|7|CO
    Duran, Josefina|Dau|5|CO
    Duran, Herminia|Dau|1 0/12|CO

    1910 Census Las Animas County, Colorado PCT 33 20 APR 1910
    HH #39
    Duran, Enrique|Head|37|M1|*9|NM|Farmer|Own Farm
    Duran, Maria D. J.|Wife|32|M1|*9|**4-**4|CO
    Duran, Ascencio|Son|8|CO
    Duran, Sofia|Dau|7|CO
    Duran, Clorinda|Dau|5|CO
    Duran, Ostanza|Dau|3|CO
    *Number of Years of Present Marriage
    **Number of children born
    **Number Living

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    Re: Duran Family

    Thank you so much this is a good start.

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