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Thread: William Griswold Family

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    William Griswold Family

    I am looking for information about some relatives who lived in Trinidad around 1900:

    William W. Griswold and Minnie Vickers Griswold.

    They were married in Arapahoe in 1895, and then were living in Trinidad in 1900 with their son Frank and their daughter Edith. By 1910 they were living in Denver.

    Are there any records that might tell how long they lived there? Or what they were doing for a living while in Trinidad?

    Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.


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    Re: William Griswold Family

    I don't think William W. Griswold and his family were in Trinidad very long. According to the 1900 census, Wm. W. Griswold shows his occupation as Manager - *Wool Scoring (*this is how I read it).

    1880 Census Leadville, Lake, Colorado 22 JUN 1880
    HH #420-205-288
    Young, W. S.|22|Clerk in Feed Store|Ohio|Scotland|Scotland
    Griswold, W. W.|23|Lodger|Machinist|NY|NY|NY
    Dunkel, T. J.|23|Lodger|Salesman|Iowa|Ohio|Ohio

    Bureau of Land Management
    Accession: COCOAA 085481
    Names: Griswold, William W.
    Date: 10/29/1888
    Doc #: 4726
    State: CO
    Meridian: 6th PM
    Twp-Rng: 0025-059W
    Aliquots: NWNSEN
    Sec. #: 18
    County: Adams
    NOTE: Online Image Not Available

    Denver Land Office Records, 1862-1908
    Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills
    William W. Griswold
    Township/Direction: 2/South
    Range/Direction: 59/West
    Book: Register of Timber Culture Entries
    Type: Timber Culture Act
    Bureau of Land: 6
    Application #: 1191.00

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    Re: William Griswold Family

    Marriages, Compiled by The Denver Public Library:
    Griswold, William W. ~~ Vickers, Minnie H. married 15 Oct 1895 Denver County License #18513.
    So they married in Denver and went on to Trinidad as they are in the 1900 census.
    They had two children Frank, 3 and Edith, 1. This census shows Frank born in NY and Edith born in Colorado.
    These people travel a lot or this info is incorrect (that is NY).

    Didn't know which Edith could be yours, so I posted both.
    Griswold, Edith Grace married Low, Ruben Thomas 24 Feb 1922 Denver County License #91339
    Griswold, Edith M. married Fullerton, Paul W. 18 May 1921 Denver County License #79473
    Didn't find a marriage for Frank.

    Good Luck,


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